1. jodymichelle

    Choosing the Right Screenwriting Software

    FREE ONLINE SIGNUP! WriterDuet. Simple, Powerful Scriptwriting. Collaborate, outline, and create with professional screenwriting software.
  2. Tema Staig


    MAR 28 | Via Zoom Call - all are invited! INTRO TO THE SHORT SCREENPLAY is a class designed to present an overview of the basic elements that make a short screenplay work in terms of structure, character, arcs, plotting, pacing and outlining. Formatting and guidelines for creating a producible...
  3. wesvital

    How to Tell if You Have a Great Screenplay?

    Very good info, you don't sugar coat anything.
  4. Jared Isham

    #ScriptMonth Challenge

    Hey Filmmakers, I decided that this month, August 2017, I am going to challenge myself to write the first draft of my next feature. I thought I would pass on the invite to whoever wanted to join me. If you start using #scriptmonth in your twitter posts and include a script title I will do my...
  5. KatyCole

    Call for entries: Film Daily - Screenwriting Competition

    Hey guys - it's great to meet y'all. I just wanted to let you know about a screenwriting prize we have over at Film Daily. If you don't know us already, we're your #1 resource for film news, views, and reviews. Our screenwriting prize is awarded for comedy, horror, sci-fi, and drama scripts...
  6. B

    2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - 9 Days to Final Deadline

    2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition FINAL DEADLINE November 15th! Every entry receives script analysis. Founded by a writer, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s passionate commitment is to develop and discover the unknown screenwriter. We provide each writer who enters BlueCat one written...
  7. B

    BlueCat Screenplay Competition | Latest Screenwriting Article

    Hey Guys, Check out the new article on naming your screenplay over at BlueCat Screenplay Competition.
  8. E

    Let's Build The Internet's Pixar

    Hi, I'm Evan and I have been noticing things lately. When you think of the Internet, you think of: • Conspiracy Sites • Porn • Crowdfunding Sites • YouTube • Music Videos • Funny web shows • Celebrity Gossip • Facebook • And the list goes on and on. . . However, one thing about Internet...
  9. M

    I sell Screenplays

    I write anything from short to feature length scripts. I don't have a set price list for my scripts. But I'm open to offers I accept payment through paypal. Please send me a pvt message if you request my services
  10. K

    Hey guys, can you read my screenplay?

    This is the second draft. It is a crime-thriller called 4. It is 120 pages. Can someone read it and send me feedback? Thank you so much
  11. B

    Looking for realistic screenplays

    We are a Spanish production company looking for short screenplays to produce. Both the story and the atmosphere should be realistic. You can send your script to buskerfilms @ - If we are interested in it, we will send you information about the contract and the remuneration. You can...
  12. B


    2013 BLUECAT SCREENPLAY COMPETITION Next Deadline: AUGUST 1ST Movie Title Contest Every entrant who submits by August 1st is eligible for our Movie Title contest, where the three top titles will be awarded $250, as voted on by current BlueCat entrants. OTHER PRIZES: Script Analyses on...
  13. B

    2012 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Call for entries!

    2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES! ***Early Bird Deadline Aug 1: be eligible for the Best Screenplay Title prizes! Top three awarded $250. Script Analysis This year we will be offering two written screenplay analyses for each submission! Two different readers will read each...
  14. R

    2011 Short Form Script Contest

    We have officially released the 2011 Runadun Movie Production (RMP) Short Form Script Contest. This contest will focus on finding a talented writer who can script a new short form screenplay for D. R. Hirschberg to direct and produce with Runadun Movie Production (RMP). Are you a talented...
  15. G

    Screenplays Available Upon Request

    My partner and I have been writing collaboratively for just over two years and, together, have conjured a hefty backlog of both finished and unfinished screenplays. If you're a Director, Producer or just overall Filmmaker and are looking for a project to sink your teeth into, (whether it's over...
  16. A

    Creative Title Contest

    Do you have the perfect title for a script, but no script to attach it to? Enter it into Sixth Borough Entertainment's Creative Title Contest for a chance to win $100. Entry is free and everyone is eligible.
  17. K

    Squaw Valley Screenwriting Program

    August 7 to August 14: Squaw Valley Screenwriting Program The Squaw Valley Screenwriting Program focuses on individual attention and work-in-progress, mentored by award-winning writers and writer-directors. Crystallize the story you want to tell, and excise extraneous elements. Designed for...
  18. A

    Call for Submissions

    The Sixth Borough Screenwriting Competition is a way for Screenwriters to get their scripts into the hands of industry professionals with the possibility of having their vision make it from page to screen.
  19. A

    Sixth Borough Screenplay Competition

    The Sixth Borough Screenwriting Competition is a way for Screenwriters to get their scripts into the hands of industry professionals with the possibility of having their vision make it from page to screen. Sixth Borough Entertainment is currently in search of a script to make a 1 to 2...
  20. MSharpCasting

    Bridge Deadline TODAY!

    BRIDGE INT'L SCREENPLAY COMPETITION - Call for Scripts 2009 Creating opportunities for writers on a global scale! Accepting screenplays thru Nov 19, 2009. Back by popular demand is the 2nd Annual Bridge International Screenplay Competition. We are currently accepting screenplays and teleplays...