1. Carlpiano

    Anyone looking for a film/video-music composer?

    Hello, I am seeking film scoring jobs, whether it be for a student film, a short film, or a documentary - paid, as well as unpaid. I welcome the exposure, in the hopes of furthering my career. I have over 30 years experience in scoring for film & video productions. My cell phone number is...
  2. Jordan Winslow

    FREE Professional Quality Royalty Free Music for Student Filmmakers!

    FREE Professional Quality Royalty Free Music for Student Filmmakers If you found this page, you have most likely been looking for free professional music to use in your film, but found that the majority of producers and composers want to charge you for this service. You may have even discovered...
  3. J

    Composer Seeking Projects

    Hello my name is Jason "JAY" Bush. I am a Published Composer and am seeking a Project to work on. You can listen to my music on my web site @ or on I will Score your project in my Professional Studio @ no cost to you in exchange for the...
  4. A

    In need of music for your film? READ

    Hello, I'm a composer looking for some film projects to work with. You can hear some of my music here: I'm experienced in sound design, orchestral scoring, sound effects, programming and more! If you have any questions or are interested? Contact me...
  5. A

    Anthony John Gabriel - Composer

    Hello, I'm an experienced composer with a vast range of composing work under my belt. i'm looking to write for short films, adverts etc. You can listen to some of my work here: If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me...