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  1. mik-music-composer

    Special deal on music for students and educators

    Hey guys, I'm with a royalty free music and SFX library that offers 9,000+ audio assets hand picked and cleared for film and video use. We offer both unlimited access subscriptions and a-la-carte downloads. We have lots of cinematic music, as well as lo-fi, indie, chillout, future bass...
  2. NeoSounds

    NeoSounds - premium music library for filmmakers

    Hey, I represent - premium music library for filmmakers. We are initially focused on music for film projects and every single track is hand-picked, "strictly" classified by production genres, moods/emotions, etc. Currently, there are about 80,000 premium tracks available for...
  3. O

    Best Royalty FREE Dramatic Music Set With Commercial Use License. HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!

    Use the best royalty free music in anything whether it be a YouTube video, an advertisement for your company or just messing around with friends don't be afraid to check out this Royalty Free Music Set, with hundreds of tracks to choose from, you will spoilt with your choices. Check it out here...
  4. N

    Revolutionary Royalty Free Piano Music Set.

    A 20 minute piece of high quality music with 10 tracks and a commercial license. I found this track to be highly ideal for filmmakers, videographers and bloggers. Furthermore that commercial license is unlimited and they are currently having a 75% sale until Christmas. I would recommend checking...
  5. Todayflix

    Royalty Free Music (100% No Copyright Music)

    Dear Friends i wanna Give You No Copyright Sounds is a copyright free / stream safe record label, providing free to use music to the content creator community. and Also providing free to use videos to the content creator community. We work with artists from around the world in electronic music...
  6. tanjudemirhan

    Theme Composer

    Hey there, I just joined the community here and thought I'd directly show you guys what I can do. My Royalty Free Music in the third link!!! So my name is Tanju Demirhan (going by the short name TDM), I'm from Turkey and I'm actually a chemist but compose music as a hobbyist. Though I want to...
  7. T

    Free Music for Film Makers / Videos

    Hey guys. I came across a nice website that has some really nice free music. Definitely worth a look.
  8. V

    Brand new royalty free music library with unlimited download subscription !

    Hi Guys, I am a composer, sound designer. Just a few days ago, a new music library was launched that offers customers an unlimited subscription music. It's not free , but, in fact, you can use as much music as you need, and it is convenient if you need new music every month. Most importantly...
  9. amadeuswashington

    Free Music for your Projects!

    Hello filmmakers! We all know how music is important in our videos. I'm a professional music composer and I decided to release some of my music on a royalty-free license. You are very welcome to use it in your productions for free and without asking for permission :) I will be adding more music...
  10. jodymichelle

    TextureTrax - royalty free music

    TextureTrax is a royalty free music for transitions, dialogue, podcasts, streaming presentations, animations, tension moments, relaxed moments, dry scenes, build-ups, and more. Check out what's new on TextureTrax here: Sign up and create an...
  11. Jordan Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercially Usable Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

  12. Jordan Winslow

    FREE Professional Quality Royalty Free Music for Student Filmmakers!

    FREE Professional Quality Royalty Free Music for Student Filmmakers If you found this page, you have most likely been looking for free professional music to use in your film, but found that the majority of producers and composers want to charge you for this service. You may have even discovered...
  13. Mojo Music

    New Dark Music Library Unleashed

    Hello all, my name is PJ and I am thrilled to announce our new dark music library is alive and well and ready to couple with your film productions to produce one helluva wicked celluloid beast. Production Music Mojo is a royalty free music library with an ever expanding portfolio of dark sound...
  14. J

    Great Music library for your projects

    You can`t beat price/quality of this royalty free site: royalty free music for all video projects, with year subscription you get 100+ HQ tracks for $50 USD ! You can license single tracks too.
  15. DPmusic

    Music for your Videos and for Creative Projects.

    Hi Friends! You need royalty free no copyright music for video? I may recommend this source. Stock Melodies. Best regards.
  16. S

    Who is looking for High Quality Royalty Free Music for their films?

    Hey guys, here are a bunch of our Royalty Free Tracks for Advertising, Corporate films, Movies, Video Games, Mobile Apps and more. Check them out: Filmscore: Advertising: Corporate...
  17. S

    New Social Media Platform for Composers to Sell Your Royalty Free Music

    Hi I am John and I'm here to tell you about a new Social Media Platform for Music Composers to sell their music to media projects worldwide. 909 Music ( is a Royalty Free Music library with tracks starting from $10 for unlimited use for media content creators of all types from...
  18. M

    Mega Sound Effects - 9000+ HQ Sounds for $47 only!

    Hey guys, We have been recording and distributing sound effects for over 12 years now. We have been a primary source of sound effects for a lot of major SFX catalogues and Royalty free sites. Our sounds have been used by Sony, Pixar, Warner Bros., Walt Disney and NBC. Now, we have launched our...
  19. D

    Talented composers are welcome to join our network

    Hi guys, Are you a music composer, talented and experienced enough to join our network of royalty free music and audio on the net? Join 100+ of awesome composers network now:
  20. D

    We have found talented composers for your films!

    Hi guys, We've found talented composers which are eager to work with you and compose music for your films! Over 100 famous and talented composers around the globe! Join our network of royalty-free music and audio: