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    Extreeeeeeme long take help needed.

    Hello! I'm trying to work out a convenient way to shoot an extreme long take at 4K60, or similar HD. In this case, long means about 24 hours. I've been searching for a way to do this, but keep reaching roadblocks... I know the GH5 has no limit on shot length and can do the resolution and such...
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    On the hunt for a reasonably priced camera rig

    Hi I have a HV40 and I’m looking for a REASONBLY priced camera rig. I really like the two handed style. I have looked at the jag35 and Redrock Micro stuff both are way out of my price range. Plus they look like they are more geared towards DSLRs (I would love to get a 5d but…$$$$) and I would...