1. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Directing on a budget - How to put the money on the screen

    Join us on our next Crew Talk episode where we get the straight facts on how to make more for less and get your project both looking and feeling like a million bucks. Register Here! Sponsor: We help businesses find stellar video production companies & professionals.
  2. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Virtual Production Studios

    Join us on our next Webcast where Sarah will be discussing Virtual Production Studios with our friends at Digital2Physical. Discussion Topics: - What is Virtual Production - Equipment and Software - Virtual set vs. Augmented reality - Fun and challenging projects from previous work When...
  3. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Hair & Makeup

    Join us on our next Webcast where Sarah will be discussing hair & makeup with three veteran HMU artists. Discussion Topics: - Advice on starting the journey - Being on set vs off set. - Useful tips and tools - Fun and challenging projects from previous work When: July 15th @ 4:00pm PST...
  4. Amy DeLouise


    NAB Show was cancelled in Las Vegas but that didn't stop the intrepid experts of #GALSNGEAR. Learn about the latest trends for production, workflow-enhancing edit plug-in's from Digital Anarchy, and what's happening in global distribition from leading #womenintech. The one-hour event will...
  5. yelnats613

    Introducing Topsheet

    Hi everyone, My name is Stanley and I'm from Topsheet. My team's goal is to build the world's best production automation tool (Entertainment Payroll, and Production Management | Topsheet). We would love to get your feedback as student filmmakers on our app and offer a special discount for...
  6. A

    Creative Video Production Company

    Please suggest me some good production houses in Bangalore.
  7. G

    Help buying camera for college

    I don't have too many resources available to me, I am barely able to put myself through college. However, film production is a passion of mine and I need to pursue it. I am trying to reach out and get help with buying a camera. I would just use my phone but it shoots in such a low resolution it...
  8. jodymichelle

    Most Recent News Bytes - Events, Festivals, Technology, and Production

    Here are some recent news bytes posted in the Events, Festivals, Technology, and Production sections on Happening Now: UFVA Conference, Las Vegas Drop by the StudentFilmmakers Magazine and HD Pro Guide Magazine Table...
  9. J

    Positively Manipulating Horizontal Banding

    I was recently researching some more techniques to avoid horizontal banding when I found this interview with director Claire Marie Vogel (shot music vids for Atlas Genius and Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Instead of eliminating the banding, she...
  10. jodymichelle

    10 New Posts in "Motion Picture Production News" Section

    Rentrak Announces Box Office Numbers for Weekend of April 23, 2010 Box office numbers for the weekend period of April 23 through April 25, 2010. LIONSGATE Gains the Edge in "Kiss-Ass"...
  11. jodymichelle

    Learn by Doing: Join Us for the 2-Day RED Production Workshop with Jon Firestone

    <strong>Learn by Doing: Join Us for the </strong><strong><a href="" target="_blank">2-Day RED Production Workshop with Jon Firestone</a></strong>. Every attendee will shoot a 1 to 3-minute clip during the workshop...
  12. J

    Getting attached to a project

    Hello, I have a book that I'm trying to get made into a film. I feel pretty good that the production company I work for would be interested in greenlighting the project, since it's fairly low-budget and speeks to their typical demographic. However, I'm not attached to the project. My interest...