1. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Directing on a budget - How to put the money on the screen

    Join us on our next Crew Talk episode where we get the straight facts on how to make more for less and get your project both looking and feeling like a million bucks. Register Here! Sponsor: We help businesses find stellar video production companies & professionals.
  2. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Hair & Makeup

    Join us on our next Webcast where Sarah will be discussing hair & makeup with three veteran HMU artists. Discussion Topics: - Advice on starting the journey - Being on set vs off set. - Useful tips and tools - Fun and challenging projects from previous work When: July 15th @ 4:00pm PST...
  3. Tim Gardner

    Article written on the pre-production process

    Film Pre-Production - The Ultimate Guide (Free Templates) I've put together an article to help newer filmmakers learn about how to manage pre-production. Hope it's helpful.
  4. T

    Origin of Ideas

    For me personally, the hardest part of filmmaking isn't the actual production process. That's where the fun happens. The hardest part to me is actually coming up with a story worth telling. Today, it seems like the consensus is that there is no original story. Yet we see tons of movies coming...
  5. C

    Seeking Location in LA area

    Hey all I'm currently hunting for a retirement/assisted living home that maybe has worked with students in the past? Has anyone tried to shoot in a place that is similar or gotten one to work with them? Also just as a general question: What are your experiences with location scouting? Thanks...
  6. jodymichelle

    Meet, Network, and Learn from Award-Winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart

    Win Featured Previz Tool: StoryBoard Quick You can still register online now and WIN. Meet, network, and learn from award-winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart. SEATS AVAILABLE. First 10 pre-registrants get a boxed version of Gorilla PRO professional film production software. Next 10...
  7. jodymichelle

    Win Featured Previz Tool, Storyboard Quick

    <b>Win Featured Previz Tool, Storyboard Quick</b> -
  8. L

    10 Tips for a Better Editing Experience.

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know I've just posted a article called "Cut Happy - 10 tips for a Better Editing Experience" over at I think this post will give those just starting out an idea of some of the essentials editors need to think about when starting a...