1. J

    Learn Cinematic Capture, Color Grading, Noise Reduction, all in one place!

    DSLR Filmschool is a full-spectrum learning resource for filmmakers who want to become proficient at ‎capture and post-production processes like color grading. We're up to $1,965 of $13,500 in just 4 days on Kickstarter! Consider backing us and receive access to our video-tutorial...
  2. M

    VFX Fan Film: Transformers Age Of Extinction

    So here is the trailer for my 'Age of Extinction' film. It will have a running time of about ten minutes when its finished, there are over 150 VFX shots incorporated. This is by far the most intense post production project I have worked on, this has been a BIG challenge to produce on my own...
  3. jodymichelle

    JOB POSTINGS UPDATE: 3 Post Production Jobs Posted

    View them here: * Job Opening: Final Cut Editors (starts ASAP) * Job Opening: Post-Production Editor (Ongoing, starts 10/1/10) * Assistant Editor (Up to 3 months or longer, starts 10/4/10) -