1. N

    The Web Series Podcast

    I wanted to let you know about a new podcast that I produced. It's tailored to independent filmmakers and anyone who is interested in the best web series available online. We call it The Web Series Podcast. You can listen to the show on iTunes...
  2. Scripts & Scribes

    Are you a screenwriter looking for a manager?

    Hey All, If you happen to be looking for a manager, I recently interviewed two of them for my podcast and at the end of their respective interviews, both managers mentioned they would be happy to read queries and questions from Scripts & Scribes listeners. They’re both legit managers with...
  3. sonnyboo

    What is a Producer?

    the Sonnyboo Podcast looks at the various titles of "Producer" http://youtu.be/vJNCkhhhJqM
  4. ThatBenJohnson

    New comedy film - coming soon!

    Hello, My name is Ben Johnson and I am a student blogger, Podcaster and film maker from Liverpool UK. I have started making a short documentary about Podcasts, focusing on comedy Podcasts such as Smodcast. The film will be about 8-10 minutes long and will answer the question "how easy is it to...
  5. Kim Welch

    Production News Podcast

    We are going to be doing a production news podcast and see how it goes. I want to make it fun and informative. Please start a blog about your productions in the network at http://networking.studentfilmmakers.com and let us know who is in your production who and where you will be shooting and any...