1. MadnessMen

    MadnessMen Composers

    Hi guys, We are MadnessMen, we are Italians and we are composers (filmscoring, trailers and games music) We are here beacouse we are going to release our 1st original album in days, and we are open to the use of our works in commercial/non commercial projects. (After our approve) While waiting...
  2. L

    Offering to write/record Unique Score (freebie & any genre)

    Hi guys, I'm interested in writing and recording a unique score for a short film (possibly feature length). Not limited by genre and write to create atmosphere & emotion. Have been writing and recording (solo music/albums) for over 7 years but need some film credit outside of my own little...
  3. G

    Bring your film to the next level with original music scored to picture

    Greetings, dear filmmaker! If you are like me, you are likely a brilliant up-and-coming artist, trying to present to the world your fantastic vision on a far-too-limited (or non-existent) budget. You've edited your masterpiece to a temp score that sounds amazing (as it should, since it was...