1. C

    Paying it forward

    Hello everyone, I really hope this post comes in useful. I have created it to try and share something I have found of tremendous value. It has helped change my outlook and reinvigorate my career. Something I was in desperate need of. You see earlier this year I almost threw in the towel for...
  2. Q

    Great paid screenwriting courses/workshops? (online or locational)

    Hello guys, Just a short question... I want to ask if you know any interesting screenwriting courses/workshops. I thought fellas in here will definitely know better than google search.
  3. L

    LMT's call for entries: 1 minute short films

    Hi there! LAST MINUTE TWISTS will be the first-ever 'social made' webseries, an ongoing web series filmed by directors from all over the world. Episodes will be out weekly, starting from October 16th 2014. Each episode will be directed by a different filmmaker, it will last about one minute...
  4. M

    Students Welcome: 1st Annual Metamora Films Festival

    CALL FOR ENTRIES! Metamora Films Festival (Online) showcases independent film from all over the world. We are specifically looking for documentaries and short narrative films that are meaningful, can tell a inspirational story, and has the power to make a difference in the world. Student...
  5. F adds Science Fiction channel, new series, & new episodes ( just added a Science Fiction channel, new series, and new episodes. Check out "Alpha Planet", "In The Rough", "Almost Scary" and "The CYA" at Many more new great web series coming from independent producers and filmmakers. Comedy, Sports, Drama...
  6. B

    New online distribution service for shorts.

    Hi Everybody. I am a UK filmmaker and the founder of the new ‘MiShorts’ online distribution service for shorts films. Based in Britain, this is paid-for VoD service funded by my country’s largest screen agency to provide a much-needed platform for indie filmmakers around the world to promote...
  7. rosecitydarling

    Help me win an acting competition!

    Hi everyone, Hope you're all doing great! I entered an acting contest that requires votes to win. It would be a total blessing if a few of you could HELP ME! Please watch the auditions, and if you like mine the best, VOTE FOR ME! *Go to AMCTV.COM *Register with your email address if...