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    Neil Donoghue performs Positive Witchcraft

    Film Director Neil Donoghue delivers his concept album Positive Witchcraft. Listen to all 10 tracks with virtual lyric sheet and origional artwork. Produced in 2003. 1.Alien Concentration 2.Something that Exists pt1 3.Stored in Giant Halls 4.Lunatic Farm/Positive Pulse 5.A Drugpig Horror Story...
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    Mick Chillage 'Live Blue' Directed by Neil Donoghue

    Mick Chillage is a rising star on the ambient skyline. Director Neil Donoghue delivers an ambient film called Live Blue. Together they create a unique atmosphere. Live Blue Filmed at Whelans Dublin Dec 2008 1.Gateway Station 2.Dubmarine 3.Floating in Hyperspace 4.Rotation 5.Intergalactic Breaks...