1. JulianRay

    Argonauts of Kosmos - Sci-Fi music

    Hey, Im currentky working on new music album "Argonauts of Kosmos" This is a story of starship “Argo Navis” and its mission of exploration. For this project I was need to create lots of “Space” sounds, soundscapes and textures. And I really believe, this music will give everyone feelings of...
  2. J

    High Quality Score for Your Film

    Hi, My name is Josh Green, I thought I would post a message on the forum if any directors were interested in collaborating on a future project. I am a film composer, having done work in NYC, Los Angeles, and London. I have worked on BBC and PBS Television Specials, Several films (Drama...
  3. JulianRay

    Original Music for Original Project

    If you're working on some interesting and original project and if you need original music/sounds for it - listen to my musical style, and if it's what you want for your film - contact me with your Ideas. Preferable themes: Sci-Fi, Mystique, Fantasy, Children, Nature, Tale, etc. My music...
  4. J

    Female Composer Seeks Jobs!

    Just finished my Composition Degree and looking for any kind of work, paid/unpaid. I can compose in a range of styles, very adaptable and have a distinctive feminine unique quality to my music. Check out my Myspace page: On this page are styles that I usually write in...
  5. O

    Professional Composer

    Greetings; Artist name: Oganalp Canatan Artist samples: | E-mail: oganalp (at) Skype: oganalp.canatan I am a professional composer available for soundtrack needs. I reside in Turkey but worldwide projects are welcome at the age of...
  6. mpaudioandvideo

    Film Composer: I work for FREE!!!

    Hi there! I am an aspiring film composer desperate for experience. My services are 100% FREE. I specialize in writing orchestral film scores. However, I have written music for small ensembles, a concert band piece, and even an upbeat electronic rock-type piece. Check out these pages from my...
  7. C

    Composer Available

    Hello All, My name is Tyler Koontz and I'm a young composer willing to help you out with whatever upcoming film/television/new media projects you have!! For more information and to hear samples of my work, please visit: Thanks!! ~Tyler K
  8. K

    Student composer/sound designer looking for portfolio work (Free)

    Hello, This is my first thread, and post! So hello everyone. I'm currently looking for films, games, anything motion based that needs audio weather that be Foley FX, Music or Ambiance. I'm looking to do this for free and add it to a portfolio that I am making. All are welcome whether it be...

    'Pay what you like' music for film

    Hi Guys, Me and a friend are working on a website that brings together tracks from the best unsigned bands and artists for filmmakers to use as soundtracks for their film and media projects. The URL is and we really hope that it is something you guys will find useful.
  10. 8

    Need Original Hiphop music for you film? Looking to collab with film makers. You can use something I have already. Or if you need something specific I can make it for you. Not looking for money. Looking to Collab and get more of my music out there. SO lets get to work!