1. bayramjazz

    New Age music

    The Morning Moon - album My Seasons 2015
  2. bayramjazz

    Smooth Jazz, Lounge tune "Toronto Lights" by Artur Bayramgalin

    Toronto Lights The story of two girls with different destinies. Former girlfriends of childhood living in Toronto, each in its own way trying to find themselves in a big metropolis.
  3. bayramjazz

    Soulful lounge tune - Nice Morning by Artur Bayramgalin.

    NICE MORNING We- that is Karmaloft Music - got some beautiful music dropping! Alongside a highly capable and beatifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents his EP „All day long“. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov - bass) carefully...
  4. bayramjazz

    Chillout, relaxing tune - "Daydreamer"

    "Daydreamer" gives us time for some reverie with charming keyboard resonance. Album Information: Title: "Perfect Day" 2014. Artist: Artur Bayramgalin Genre: Electronica, ethnic lounge, chillout, new age, world music, easy listening, relax. This album kindly blends together chillout sounds...
  5. J

    Great Music library for your projects

    You can`t beat price/quality of this royalty free site: royalty free music for all video projects, with year subscription you get 100+ HQ tracks for $50 USD ! You can license single tracks too.
  6. bayramjazz

    Single 2017 / Pilgrim / Artur Bayramgalin

    Welcome to the mystical place where Celtic meets Chill! Atmospheric and Mysterious yet peaceful and sorrow filled that evolves in emotional depth. Fiddle lead Celtic adventure of discovery and empowerment.
  7. George Dolan

    Student Composer

    Hello!! I am a composer studying at university and am trying to expand my portfolio. Therefore, I'd be more than happy to collaborate on any project! If you'd like to hear some of my music, here's a link George
  8. bayramjazz

    Perfect Day by Artur Bayramgalin

    Perfect Day captures the children's laughter and crystal-clear piano sounds of a warm summer day. Comparing his music to the likes of Richard Clayderman, Dan Siegel or David Lanz is allowed with consideration for the specific differences. Subscribe the channel!
  9. mpaudioandvideo

    Michael Picher - Composer ♫

    Hi there! Last year I had the amazing opportunity to write the underscores for 7 student films (2 of which received awards) and I'm ready for more! Since 2009, I have been writing music for people who need original underscores, standalone pieces, and songs. My background is mainly in classical...
  10. bayramjazz

    Artur Bayramgalin - To Be Free (feat. Alina Aminova)

    The new single by Artur Bayramgalin - release on Tiger Grass Records on May 26th 2017.
  11. S

    Time Lapse with music | Awesome

    My first time lapse video ever, I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks :)
  12. kapalutas

    Film Composer at your service

    Hi, My name is Justinas and I am a music composer, singer/songwriter from Lithuania. I have been composing music for 9 years, mostly for theatrical performances and some short films, no I decided that I would like to work with people from all over the world and test myself as a Film composer...
  13. M

    Composer Looking for Experience

    Hey guys, My name is Matt and I'm new to this forum. I go to school for music composition and I'm trying to get some experience scoring short films, or really anything. I'd work for free of course and I'm not picky about the projects. If you or anyone you know are looking for a quality...
  14. SpasticRecords

    Indie record label in Sweden looking for music video makers!

    Hey students! I am the President of Spastic Records. I live in Sweden. You probably don't. I think we're equal anyway! It said educational resource up top so I promise, this is an educational post because I am going to educate you on how little I know about what you do. That's why I need you...
  15. M

    musical technique in film?

    Hi everyone, I'm a musician with only a layman's understanding of cinema, so I hope this post doesn't seem too strange. :confused: There's a technique in classical music called "rubato", where the music is both speeded up AND slowed down just before an important moment, in order to accentuate...
  16. paulorego

    Composer Offering Minimalist Piano Music

    Hello, I am currently looking to score minimalist piano music for indie films. Here is my music portfolio. If you like what you hear and are in need of this style of music for your project(s) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via Alternatively, I...
  17. D

    Music Composer.

    Music production for Media Projects.
  18. C

    Sound Designer_Post Production_Composition looking for extensive collaboration

    Hi everyone, I've joined the forum to make new connections and get involved in serious projects as Sound Designer/Composer and Engineer, thus, if any of you will need for sounds and music implementation please feel free to drop me a message via e-mail at: I am not...
  19. R

    Copyright Free Music - Orchestral/Film Music

    Hi guys I'm a Belgian composer and I share my music on this youtube channel: Feel free to use it, it's Copyright Free (a mention would be awesome tho ;) ) Thanks for your time! Daan
  20. joshak_96

    Looking for specific sound effect/music for a video. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

    Hey buddies, I am new to this forum, I signed up because I need some help and it looks I made the right choice- I hope so :p :p I'm working on video for a school project. At the end one of the actors ask a question which is actually the same as the slogan of our graduation so it's a very...