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  1. G

    Hamish Anderson Music Video

    Hamish Anderson Music Video Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve Director/Editor: Rob Lambert DP: Jay Ruggieri Colorist Gerry Curtis Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with vintage Canon K35 lenses
  2. rulesoferick

    Script Fest LA somebody??

    Hi everybody! I know it's a little too soon but Im pretty excited because Im attending this huge event with a project I just finished with my friends. I would like to share the info with you so you can expose your work as well :) "Pitch Your Script to more than 120 production companies...
  3. G

    Color Correction / Color Grading

    Hello, I'm a colorist based in Los Angeles that enjoys working with all levels of filmmakers - from students to established brands. Here's my color correction reel: I work with the professional version of DaVinci Resolve using a color critical monitor. My Website...
  4. rickrise@earthlink.net

    Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge Seeking Videographers in Los Angeles

    The New Urbanism Film Festival is seeking filmmakers to pair with grassroots urbanists in a "speed dating" atmosphere during the Fsztival's third edition in Los Angeles. You will have one week to make a five-minute film about the lucky project; the films will be professionally judged and will...
  5. jodymichelle

    ShowBiz Expo 2010: Free Online Registration - Sign Up Now!

    <strong>Free Online Registration</strong> to <a href="http://www.theshowbizexpo.com" target="_blank">ShowBiz Expo 2010:</a> <em>Sign Up Now!</em><br><br><strong>Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo</strong> is a five-star event that brings everyone in Show Business together under one roof. Whether you are...
  6. T

    'The High and Mighty' FEATURE FILM - Full Trailer

    The High and Mighty First Full Trailer Film Synopsis - The High and Mighty follows a chain of reactive events in the lives of its two leads--Muscle, a failed NFL athlete turned local drug dealer coping with his life, and Conner, a young man with a good upbringing and criminal ambition--when...
  7. S

    Los Angeles Prison Location

    I'm planning on filming my thesis project in late March, early April, and am looking to find a prison with an execution chamber and preferably a dark hopeless feel. If anyone has used one or knows of one in the greater L.A. area I would greatly appreciate help. Thank you. -Wes