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    Filmmaking Tips

    camera shots and angles in filmmaking Types of Shots in Filmmaking | Every filmmaker should know how to match sequence settings in Adobe Promiere Pro ? How to Design and Communicate Your Vision on Set ? how to block a scene ? Filmmaking Shot Designer Subscribe to my Youtube channel to...
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    1 year filmmaking Certificate, 3 Months Filmmaking Workshop, 1 Month Filmmaking Workshop ----https://maxfilmacademy.com/

    Max Film Academy Use the link below to apply https://maxfilmacademy.com/ practical hands-on learning students' final films are shown in movie theater open to the public each student directs 12 short films,1 feature-length film, and works on 36 more students participate in film directing...
  3. Tim Gardner

    Article written on the pre-production process

    Film Pre-Production - The Ultimate Guide (Free Templates) I've put together an article to help newer filmmakers learn about how to manage pre-production. Hope it's helpful.
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    Now learn Film-making Online with Whistling Woods Virtual Academy!!

    CERTIFICATE COURSE IN FILMMAKING (ONLINE) WWI Virtual Academy offers a one year online foundation course in Filmmaking. Designed by experts and divided into 9 modules, this course will help students understand the basics of all crafts of filmmaking, viz. screenwriting, direction, producing...