1. N

    Call for SCREENWRITERS to develop scripted, episodic series. PAID - US & UK

    Call for screenwriters to develop series in the US & UK Please see commissioning brief document attached for full details. Paid position 1- 6 months. Payment dependent on experience. If you are interested in submitting, please send us existing work samples...
  2. D

    Animators wanted for paid jobs

    Hi guys My name is Dominic Philpot, I am a comedy writer and producer. I would like to inquire if any of you talented student animators would be interested in applying for paid work on some projects I am creating. I am currently crowdfunding a web series of an animated James Bond parody...
  3. Adjul Gardner

    Video Editor at Wilderness School

    Hello, I am a videographer at a wilderness school called Teaching Drum Outdoor School, located in northern Wisconsin. We currently have hundreds of hours of footage that we are turning into documentaries, YouTube shorts, and instructional videos. In 2014, I filmed 350 hours of HD footage of...
  4. F

    Getting onto a Hollywood set?

    Hi all, For the past few years (as I finished college and then for a year afterwards) I've been producing/directing independent television episodes and short films in the midwest. I recently moved out to LA looking to break into the industry out here, but I'm having trouble getting a position...