1. T

    Interview with Matias Caruso, 2014 Page Award Winner, now published...

    My interview with Matias has just gone up on Simply Scripts -
  2. MPatrickHeywood

    The Conversation Couch: Episode One (A New Web Series)

    The first episode of a new comedy web series. My guest and I discuss the fertility of his girlfriend's ovaries, almost expired milk, rumors of his sexuality, and much more. I'm the host, writer, and editor. I'm going to do probably one episode a...
  3. M

    Interview Lighting, Softbox & Reflector Advice Needed

    Hi, I will be filming some interviews this weekend which are personal recollections from the past. Please could someone advise me the best way to light my subjects to create a less-corporate look and to create something more warmer without losing too much loss of light to help maintain video...