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  1. D

    The best way to promote your film in 2020

    I've see many filmmakers trying to market their film on here but you guys should check out - Buy genuine marketing services for social networks like: YouTube, IMDB, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, DatPiff, SoundCloud and many more. - I know many that have used their...
  2. zoran

    My indie feature, Friends Like These is now live on Amazon Prime

    Hello all!! wanted to share that my indie feature, Friends Like These is now live on Amazon Prime at and Amazon Canada
  3. delanythelady

    Looking for a Composer for a Dramatic Short

    I’m currently in post-production of my thesis film titled Because I Love you and I’m in need of a composer. This short is a dramatic thriller with a current runtime of 12 minutes. It’s about a young woman’s journey to recovery after an abusive relationship. After seeing countless films that...
  4. P

    Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 5

    Check out episode 5 of Bun in the Oven, where the duo go on a trip to the cinema. Enjoy a few japes, and some fake film trailers! :D
  5. J

    Is VOD (Video on Demand) the best solution for Indie video distribution?

    At Muvi Studio, we encourage the VoD model for independent cinema, knowing how difficult it becomes to survive the onslaught of major white label studio flicks and yet showcase a movie with great content. Hence, we brought in a completely customizable Do It Yourself VoD Platform for content...