1. Ecarglid

    Watch this short film | Fern Hill (2019)

    Hi! I am a first time filmmaker and have made this short film. I am looking for feedback. I would love you to watch it and tell me how you find it. If you like/dislike the film, do tell me!
  2. S

    List of Film School in India

    List of The Best Film School in India: Satya Institute of Media and Management Lucknow Lucknow : 17-B, Krishna Bazaar, Second Floor Bhootnath, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Tel : 2311322, 4004039 Veecon Media Institute (VMI) Noida - Delhi/NCR Noida - Delhi/NCR ...
  3. S

    How to make Career in Journalism?

    Even today, the more youthful era is pulled into news-casting. Regular, a few occasions are happening over the world — political, social, religious, instructive and social. Through mass correspondence, giving data to a large group in the meantime. Many colleges offer journalism course; the...