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  1. jodymichelle

    Major Hollywood Company Wants Your Opinion: Prize Drawing!

    <table width="510" border="1" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td width="504" align="left" valign="top"><span style="font-size:17px;color:#000000;font-family:verdana;"><strong>Major Hollywood Company Wants Your Opinion<br /> <a...
  2. jodymichelle Facebook Updates: NEW PHOTOS

    <b>View NEW PHOTOS</b> from the recent "Dynamics of the Shot" Workshop and Networking Event with Award-Winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart at the headquarters in Manhattan, New York City: <a...
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    Join Us for the 3D Camera Rig Raffle Drawing: Free to Enter

    3D Camera Rig Raffle Drawing: JOIN US for this exciting drawing that will take place on Thursday, April 15, 12noon, at the Booth, #C10106, at NAB, Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't forget to stop by the booth today to fill out your raffle card. -
  4. jodymichelle

    Win a 3D Camera Rig from the 3D Film Factory

    <p><span style="font-size:14px; color:#990033"><strong>Win a 3D Camera Rig from the 3D Film Factory.</strong></span></p><p><strong>Free raffle drawing!</strong> Fill out a raffle card this week at the NAB Booth #C10106, at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV.</p><p><b>The 3D Film...