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    Filming Permissions for Egypt

    Filming Permissions for Egypt First of all, I would say that obtaining filming permissions to make your project in Egypt, isn't that complicated you think and hear. In brief, normally it takes two or three weeks to get your filming permits done. Here I am talking about streets filming...
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    fixer in Egypt

    Dear All, First I would like to introduce my self , my name is Wael Aziz , freelance production director , age 37 , 15 years experience especially with french and british documentary production companies . I would like to offer all kinds of production services for companies and channels which...
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    Hiring filming drones in Egypt

    Recently, many foreign production houses asked me if it's possible to grab their filming drones in order to use them in Egypt, I told them that any kind of drones is not allowed to enter Egypt and the security at the airports will confiscate them till your departure. Actually, the refusal of...