1. P

    Best Acting of All Time

    Some of the best acting of all time. Actors to study Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5...
  2. B

    2016 BlueCat Short Screenplay Competition

    Final Deadline Nov 15th We provide each writer who enters BlueCat one written analysis while supporting screenwriters of all levels and stages of development with the constructive feedback all writers require. Grand Prize Winner $10,000 Cash Award Three Finalists $2,000 each. Short...
  3. mindscreen

    Free introductory acting workshop

    Do you have it in you to become a great actor? FREE INTRODUCTORY ACTING WORKSHOP on Saturday the 2nd May 2015 from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM ADMISSION STRICTLY ON ADVANCE REGISTRATION ONLY For Registration call: MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE No: 4, Ranga Lane, Off Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600...
  4. C

    Insight Film Festival: Curation Scheme open for entries

    The Insight Film Festival's curation scheme provides new opportunities for filmmakers’ work to be screened. We will be delighted to receive entries from student filmmakers. Insight puts out a ‘call for entries’ once a new Festival is to be launched and appropriate awards have been negotiated...
  5. T

    Dolby sound mix for short films

    Hello! I am Anatoli. I can make DOLBY mix for short films. If you agree write me on e-mail:
  6. T

    Looking for Music Composers for Bulgarian Short Future and Documentary Films

    Hello! I'm looking for music composers for Future and Documentaries films. I am in Bulgaria, but I think the distance is no problem. If you want to work together in same projects write me on skype or e-mail. We are work from the internet Skype: anatoli_kostov1248 E-mail:
  7. jodymichelle

    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival

    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival July 16, 2011 Deadline approaching so submit now and don’t lose out on this opportunity! Follow the link at: <a href=""...
  8. S

    Want Indie Film trailers

    I am looking to gather a good selection of trailers from independent filmmakers to air during the commercial break of an American television series available at Amazon Video on Demand. If you have any films that you have completed and have a trailer you are willing to have aired on our show...
  9. S

    Horror Movie Survival

    If you happen to find yourself in a horror film someday, use these tips wisely and you may make it out alive. It's called the "Horror Movie Survival Guide". It's a video I made for a cable access TV show and horror movie blog at Check it out. Your feedback is always...
  10. A

    Ideas to improve?

    Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum. Anyway a little background on myself... I do some short film making on the side as a hobby. I'm a pilot and just enjoy sharing my experiences to the rest of the world. I'm looking on how to improve my short films that I post on YouTube. I know I don't have...
  11. H

    Hiring Raymond - Short Documentary

    Hello all, This is our first submission to this website, we hope you enjoy it. Synopsis: This short documentary tells the story of Raymond and the many colourful careers he's had throughout his life. Enjoy! If you have the time, please leave some...
  12. S

    Anyone here do no-budget filmmaking?

    Hey, I've been making short little movies since I was about eleven (I'm fifteen), but now I want to start making serious films without any budget, just using what I have around me. I've got a couple of ideas for movies, and I've got one that I just have to shoot and edit. Any ideas/tips to get...