1. N

    How I Made Over $90,000 Selling my Short Film

    So I directed a small action short film a few years back called “BROKEN.” I shot the short film on MiniDV Tape (yes I’m old) on the Panasonic DVX 100a, the indie film workhorse of its day. My team and I filmed it in West Palm Beach Florida (not exactly the Mecca of the film industry) and it...
  2. ruanlotter

    Davinci Resolve - Day For Night Tutorial

    Heya! Easy way to do a Day For Night grade in Davinci Resolve: Enjoy!
  3. ruanlotter

    How to draw a storyboard (Even if you cannot draw)

    So in this tutorial I show you how to do a storyboard even if you cannot draw - like me :) Thanks for watching!
  4. A

    Looking for Guest Bloggers Who want to get some free advertizing.

    Hey Guys, my name is Aaron Keba. I run an independent film website that focuses on film making news, techniques, and tips. We get about 36,000-40,000 unique hits a month on our site. I started as a way to help give filmmakers a place to come for any questions or resources they might need. That's...
  5. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial - Pixelated Backgrounds

    So in this quick tutorial I show you how to create some cool pixelated animated backgrounds in After Effects. Cheerz r
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    Subscribe to the BlueCat E-Newsletter!

    The BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting E-Newsletter Join a writing community of over 18,000 members! If you're a screenwriter looking to become part of a writing community, join the BlueCat mailing list. Every Tuesday, a newsletter filled with screenwriting-related content: interviews, articles...
  7. sonnyboo

    What is a Producer?

    the Sonnyboo Podcast looks at the various titles of "Producer"
  8. M

    The ultimate filmmaking asset pack. Created by Filmmakers for Filmmakers.

    Hello Everyone! Our team just launched a Kickstarter campaign called The Filmmaker's Digital Toolkit. Our idea is to offer independent filmmakers the ultimate asset pack for a price that no indy filmmaker could refuse. A toolkit designed specifically for filmmakers, created by filmmakers...
  9. S


  10. ruanlotter

    Episode 5 of TrueReelzTV is out! (Shotlists and Movie Trailers)

    We have changed the format of the show slightly - it's shorter!! - And more punchier etc so please let us know what you think. This week we look at the trailer for local South African film, "Jimmy in Pienk", we review an IOS app that will help you with Shot-Listing, and we have a look at the...
  11. R

    12 Best Animation Film Festivals Around the Globe

    12 Best Animation Film Festivals Around the Globe Previous decades would never have imagined the scale that animated film has reached today. For quite some time animated films have been growing at the same time as technology and gaining ground in the industry as another genre...
  12. T

    'Bronson' Producer Gives Advice to New Filmmakers

    A very insightful article where 'Bronson' Film Producer Danny Hansford gives advice to filmmakers on getting a start in the business: Be great to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments section.:)
  13. R

    Sundance Film Festival 2014 » Film Entry Now Open

    Since 1978 the Sundance Film Festival has been dedicated to back and favor the independent film industry, making it the main and most important event where emerging talent from North America comes together. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2014...
  14. R

    Top 30 Short Film Festivals in the World

    No need to be an expert in the field to know that there is a great variety of Short Film Festivals. The importance to submit your work to the right event is significant, as well as the benefits and even awards that can be gained by doing so. Submitting to a fest could be one of the best ways for...
  15. ruanlotter

    Tunnelvizion TV (Filmmaking / VFX / Tutorials)

    Hi Everyone, Are you interested in Filmmaking, VFX, Compositing etc? Please go and have a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe if you enjoy the content. I upload VFX videos alongside Tutorials covering different VFX & Filmmaking topics. Feel free to give some feedback, and suggestions are...
  16. jodymichelle

    Photos from HDSLR Weekend, Day 1 @ New York Studio on Broadway

    <p><span style="font-size:14px;color:#000000;font-family:arial;"><strong>Photos from HDSLR Weekend, Day 1</strong></span><br> <span style="font-size:11px;color:#000000;font-family:arial;">HDSLR weekend @ New York Studio, Broadway/Manhattan. Don't forget, you can still...
  17. J

    Filmmakers needed!!!

    Heyyy We are currently in the process of making our film. Although we've completed pre-production, sorted out locations, actors, equipment everything that is needed. However our estimations for our budget was a little small. We strongly believe that our film is an up and coming film, that will...
  18. J

    Filmmakers needed!!!

    Heyyy there fellow filmmakers! We are currently in the process of making our film. Although we've completed pre-production, sorted out locations, actors, equipment everything that is needed. However our estimations for our budget was a little small. We strongly believe that our film is an up...
  19. B

    2012 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Call for entries!

    2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES! ***Early Bird Deadline Aug 1: be eligible for the Best Screenplay Title prizes! Top three awarded $250. Script Analysis This year we will be offering two written screenplay analyses for each submission! Two different readers will read each...
  20. VinceRocca

    Rebel without a Deal New Book

    Rebel without a Deal is an underdog story about how a High School dropout made his first movie in five days for $11,000, landed and lost a multi-million dollar deal with National Lampoon, later releaseing the movie through Warner Bros. where it went on to gross over one million dollars. It's a...