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  1. dscarpati

    Authoritative new book about the lifestyle of Film/TV Production Assistants (PAs)!

    Hello readers and filmmaker peers, I'm writing this post to share a project that I've been working on for a few years now. It's a nonfiction book all about film/TV production assistants, "Gofers: On the Front Lines of Film and Television!" If you have 90 seconds, I'm sure you'll enjoy this...
  2. videoproduction

    How to Become a Filmmaker Without Having a Trust Fund

    Making a decent film requires the filmmaker to function at the highest artistic and creative levels, whether it’s as the scriptwriter, director, camera operator, gaffer, editor, or all of the above: A filmmaker may even end up performing as an actor in his or her own production! However, if you...
  3. F

    Free live workshop from the Hollywood Actor: Business of being an actor in the XXI century

    Hello everybody ✌️ Russian dude from Hollywood Dmitri Boudrine is doing a free live webinar with practical instruction on how to maximize your chances of succeeding financially as an actor. The goal of this presentation is to debunk popular myths, clarify misconceptions and provide practical...
  4. U

    Filmmaking Tips

    camera shots and angles in filmmaking Types of Shots in Filmmaking | Every filmmaker should know how to match sequence settings in Adobe Promiere Pro ? How to Design and Communicate Your Vision on Set ? how to block a scene ? Filmmaking Shot Designer Subscribe to my Youtube channel to...
  5. U

    camera shots and angles in filmmaking | MaxFA

    Max Film Academy--Free show your film in movie theater 1 Year Filmmaking Certificate,3Months Filmmaking Workshop,1Month Filmmaking Workshop Subscribe to our Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips...
  6. U

    Types of Shots in Filmmaking | Every filmmaker should know | MaxFA

    Max Film Academy--Study Filmmaking In New York Subscribe to our Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips
  7. T

    How a Microbiology Major Became Successful in Film

    Greetings everyone! On our most recent episode, we sat down with filmmaker Daniel Greinke to discuss his experience in the world of production. One of the interesting elements of his career was his decision to leave a lucrative career in biology for a risk in filmmaking. Give this clip a...
  8. Jared Isham

    Micro-Budget Filmmaking Advice

    I just posted a new channel trailer to my YouTube channel. On the channel I'm doing my best to share what I have learned making micro-budget films. So far I have done 2 features. My goal is to save you from mistakes I have made and share with you tips that has helped me along the way. Check...
  9. A

    Film Production Advice & Resources

    Hello Everyone, If you’re new to filmmaking, try this is page. Everything you need to know to start filmmaking. It’s where you’ll find all the information and resources you need to get up-to-speed quickly, and begin your filmmaking career! best filmmaking equipment & gear, how to make a website...