1. videoproduction

    2020 Seattle Film Summit Goes Virtual - $50 Prize & Ticket Giveaway

    This week on October 21st, we’ll be discussing the upcoming 2020 Seattle Film Summit with, Ben Andrews, the founder of the event. The Seattle Film Summit combines the art and business of filmmaking to advance the funding, creation, and distribution of stories that reflect the thriving, socially...
  2. L

    London International Student Film Festival

    Student filmmaker? Your career starts here. Submit to London International Student Film Festival. Final Deadline March 5 2021
  3. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Directing on a budget - How to put the money on the screen

    Join us on our next Crew Talk episode where we get the straight facts on how to make more for less and get your project both looking and feeling like a million bucks. Register Here! Sponsor: We help businesses find stellar video production companies & professionals.
  4. videoproduction

    Crew Talk: Hair & Makeup

    Join us on our next Webcast where Sarah will be discussing hair & makeup with three veteran HMU artists. Discussion Topics: - Advice on starting the journey - Being on set vs off set. - Useful tips and tools - Fun and challenging projects from previous work When: July 15th @ 4:00pm PST...
  5. J

    Live online interview with award-winning film director Brian O'Malley - 24th June

    'Meet The Disruptors' for an online discussion into the art of film-making, join the live interview exploring Brian O'Malley's exciting work. Be Informed. Be Inspired. Wednesday Jun 24 2020 5:00 PM - 5:40 PM BST - sign up for free here...
  6. H

    Survey on "What makes a good movie" for my Futurology research deep dive

    Hello! My names is Lukas. I'm currently working on a research project for my Futurology class. I was given the option to do it on anything. I decided to make it about what makes a good movie. I would really appreciate if yall could give me your professional opinion Here's the survey...
  7. G

    RealTime Conference Announces Lineup for May Event

    Speakers from Adobe, Dassault Systèmes, Epic Games, Ford, IKEA, Walt Disney and More; Special Star Wars Day Event from Visual Effects Society with ILM Creative Director Dennis Muren NEW YORK – April 30, 2020 – Following the success of its inaugural event, the RealTime Conference today announces...
  8. H

    I made a short film about a apocalyptic future

    Hi guys, I want to share with you the final trailer of my next short film RED LIGHT, a film about climate change, hope u like it and I´ll grateful for any share, thank u all! TRAILER:
  9. S

    Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie festival Call fo Entries

    Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival Call for Entries “Early Bird” Entries: Shorts $25, Features $65 by by April 1st, 2020 (postmarked or entered w/available file) “On Time” Entries: Shorts $35, Features $80 by May 1st, 2020 (postmarked or entered w/available file) “Late” Entries...
  10. Tema Staig


    MAR 28 | Via Zoom Call - all are invited! INTRO TO THE SHORT SCREENPLAY is a class designed to present an overview of the basic elements that make a short screenplay work in terms of structure, character, arcs, plotting, pacing and outlining. Formatting and guidelines for creating a producible...
  11. C

    You Can Learn a lot from Editing.

    My Youtube Channel


    Independent Electric/Electronic Dance Music and HipHop/Rap Magazine Created By Entrepreneur Andrew Ezell (BigDru) Wash to Represent The Colorado Springs Mountain West Region. Accepting International Markets, National, and Regional Assignments from Musicians, Comedians, and Filmmakers.
  13. Jessagaul

    2020 East Coast Seven Cities Short Film Showcase

    Please Clink on the link below for more contest rules and info about the festival. Got a great project you want to showcase? Is it a short film or music video? Do you live on the East Coast? Well this is the contest for you! Please submit one of your short films this year for the East Coast...
  14. videosjust9

    3D Animation Video "eLearning Video"

    Hi everyone, my 3d animation video "eLearning Video " is on youtube. I hope you like it. You can watch it here: Let me know what you think? Best Regards! :)
  15. videosjust9

    Video Production & Filmmaking

    Hi All, I am from and have an experience of 10 years inducing fun vibes with a perfect audio-visual combination through our creation of videos. Let me know if you guys need anything related to film & video making. it will be my pleasure to help and guide you in this industry with...
  16. P

    Final Deadline for entry to the 2018 Edinburgh Short Film Festival: June 25th

    The ESFF screens 8 nights of short film every Autumn at cinemas across Edinburgh, featuring the best International, UK & Scottish short films from drama to documentary, comedy to animation, experimental to web series. We're also awarding prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish...
  17. R


    We provide courses in acting and theater studio, Choreography, Dance, and Ballet for children and adults. To know more, click here:
  18. A

    New comedy film festival slated to debut in las vegas this winter

    LAS VEGAS, NV- The inaugural Comedy World Network International Film Festival is set to take place from November 29th thru December 2nd, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. This new event, which seeks to share comedic content from all over the world, already has amassed upwards of 150 submission from all...
  19. wesvital

    How toMake a Movie in 2018!

    Do you want to make a movie in 2018? Do you want to have a film career? Listen to this advice and you'll be on the road to working 100% in the film business in 2018! Remember first thing to do is make a short film, but make sure to follow these aspects while making your short film...
  20. wesvital

    Meeting with a Manager or Agent

    If you're an actor and you want to knock it out of the park when you have that first meeting, these are the tips you need to know!