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    Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie festival Call fo Entries

    Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival Call for Entries “Early Bird” Entries: Shorts $25, Features $65 by by April 1st, 2020 (postmarked or entered w/available file) “On Time” Entries: Shorts $35, Features $80 by May 1st, 2020 (postmarked or entered w/available file) “Late” Entries...
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    "Study Abroad: Broaden your view of the world" By Bart Weiss

    STUDENTFILMMAKERS MAGAZINE | PROFESSOR'S CORNER | "Study Abroad: Broaden your view of the world" By Bart Weiss. Read the article here! https://www.studentfilmmakers.com/studentfilmmakers-magazine-professors-corner-study-abroad-broaden-your-view-of-the-world-by-bart-weiss/ (Published in newest...
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    Need a Reason to Make Your Short? Submit to Film Festivals This Year!

    Need a reason to make your short films, short videos, and mobile media content (via iPhone, iPad) this year? Need an inspirational push? Check out film festivals, video call for entries, and cellphone cinema contests online. Use the StudentFilmmakers.com Resource Portal - and browse through the...
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    Most Recent News Bytes - Events, Festivals, Technology, and Production

    Here are some recent news bytes posted in the Events, Festivals, Technology, and Production sections on StudentFilmmakers.com. Happening Now: UFVA Conference, Las Vegas Drop by the StudentFilmmakers Magazine and HD Pro Guide Magazine Table...
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    Festivals, Contests, and Call for Entries News Bytes on StudentFilmmakers.com

    StudentFilmmakers.com (www.studentfilmmakers.com) has a special news category for film, video, and photo contests, as well as screenwriting contests, and more! We update this news section daily. Read articles and share your comments: http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/category/call-for-entries/
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    Short Films Wanted - No Entry Fee

    MovieScreams.com is looking for good horror, sci-fi, fantasy and animated short films on YouTube and Vimeo, that newbies to the indie world can enjoy without dishing out the dough (we'll get them there, but you gotta start somewhere). If you have a film up on Youtube or Vimeo, or know of a good...
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    Film shot by a SINGLE GUY

    I've ALWAYS wanted to be a filmmaker. The problem is, I suffer from panick attacks and a pretty severe case of social phobia. I don't get out of my house often, and I certainly don't surround myself with people. Which makes it pretty darn hard to make movies... This is the story of how I went...
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    Call for Entires -- Austin Film Festival

    I just wanted to make sure everybody was aware that Austin Film Festival has already begun accepting submissions for this year’s film program. My name is Hatley Moore and I work as an intern in the Film Department and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about submitting your film to...
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    The Digital Green Project Wants to GREEN LIGHT Your Short Film/Script

    The Going Green Film Festival has launched the Digital Green Project; an innovate program created to stimulate green-produced digital films. Simply submit your short film script, budget and crew. Your script can be of ANY GENRE, ANY SUBJECT. You just have to agree to shoot the film digitally...
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    Francesco Vitali presents: 48 Go Green 2012

    <p><a href="http://www.48gogreen.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/images/ads/48-go-green_film-and-video-competition.gif" alt="48 Green International Eco Film Competition" width="500" height="244" border="0"></a></p> <p><strong><a href="http://www.48gogreen.com/"...
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    New Festival News Bytes posted!

    New Film Festival and Video Contest News Bytes posted! http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/news/filmcontests.shtml --
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    New Call for Entries, Festivals, and Contests posted!

    New Call for Entries, Festivals, and Contests posted! http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/Contests-and-Festivals.shtml -
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    2012 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition Call for Entries!

    2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES! ***Early Bird Deadline Aug 1: be eligible for the Best Screenplay Title prizes! Top three awarded $250. Script Analysis This year we will be offering two written screenplay analyses for each submission! Two different readers will read each...
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    3 New Video Call For Entries Posted in Featured Contests Section

    <b>3 New Video Call For Entries Posted in Featured Contests Section</b><br><br>Check it out, spread the word!<br><br>Go to: <a href="http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/Contests-and-Festivals.shtml"...
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    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival

    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival July 16, 2011 Deadline approaching so submit now and don’t lose out on this opportunity! Follow the link at: <a href="http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/enews/LA-Femme-Film-Festival/062011.html"...
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    $10 COUPON OFF FILM SUBMISSIONS - Your Film Could Win ECOtainment Award!

    Chipotle Mexican Grill to Award a Filmmaker $2000, April 4, 2010 during the ECOtainment Awards at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. ( www.GoingGreenFilmFestival.com ) THAT FILMMAKER COULD BE YOU! EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION will also be honored for "greening" every home...