1. H

    A2 Media Slasher Trailer: Any feedback would be appreciated:)

    I am currently a Student in my last year of college, in which I am studying A2 Media. I have just completed my final trailer, for my slasher film 'Bloody Admirer'. I am now answering a question on the importance of audience feedback. I am looking for any sort of feedback, that can help me...
  2. CharmingNewSociety

    Post-Apocalyptic Short Film

    Hi, everyone. I am working on a post apocalyptic short, which will be my first short film over 5-10 minutes long (it will be a full 25-30mins). This is my first foray into producing a polished short film, and it is full of new territory for me. So I'd love to have all your input and...
  3. jodymichelle

    Join My Group: "How to Use the Network"

    "How to Use the Network" is a new group created in the Film and Digital Networking Community. This section will contain quick and easy "How-To's" for using different channels and features on the Network. Join this Group for Technical Support and FAQs. We welcome your questions, comments, and...