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  1. cinemasters

    1st Annual Tokyo Film Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES

    We are hosting our 1st Annual Tokyo CINEMASTERS Film Festival in OCT 1st 2020 at Tokyo Cine Center. Film Submissions are now open on FilmFreeway. https://filmfreeway.com/cinemasters BEST DRAMA SHORT BEST HORROR SHORT BEST ANIMATED SHORT BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE https://www.cinemasters.jp...
  2. zoran

    My indie feature, Friends Like These is now live on Amazon Prime

    Hello all!! wanted to share that my indie feature, Friends Like These is now live on Amazon Prime at https://amzn.to/37LSvnR and Amazon Canada https://www.primevideo.com/detail/0LLBG4G4O4N5TX5IHEBUKY45JL/ref=dvm_src_ret_ca_xx_s
  3. ScoutFilmFest

    Filmmakers 24 and Under Submit Your Short and Feature Length Films!

    Scout Film Festival returns for its fourth year from April 16-18, 2020! We are honored and delighted to announce that this year’s event will be hosted by the iconic Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), a breathtaking waterfront art museum and exhibition space located in Boston, Massachusetts...
  4. J

    Submit your original screenplay, pitch, or short for a UK-based feature film

    Submit your original screenplay, pitch, or short for a UK-based feature film, to be produced by Filmaka in conjunction with Riverstone Pictures and/or its other partners. This competition is open to citizens of all countries. Competition dates: October 17th, 2019 to November 4th, 2019 Full...
  5. Indy Film Library

    50% off submission fees until November 1st

    Enter your film in the Indy Film Library Awards before the end of October for 50% off all submission fees! Use the code LIB102019 when applying on FilmFreeway. Feature length narrative films and horror shorts are particularly welcome, as there have only been a few submitted so far.
  6. F

    Casting Notice - Pregnant Actress for feature film

    Casting Call for Pregnant Actress. Academy Award winning production team is casting for a new film and seeking actresses in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Applicants should be over 18. All races welcome. Prior acting experience not required. To apply: Use your phone to film a...
  7. W

    The community decides what is good and what to FUND!

    Writers judge filmmakers, filmmakers judge scripts. Winning filmmaker shoots one of the top 10 scripts. We fund it with the entry fees. The winning filmmaker wins up to $25,000 to shoot one of the top 10 scripts. Winning writer receives up to $10,000 for their short script! Writers want the...
  8. Dean Mullen Films

    Irish Independent Feature Film!

    “Hi There! My name's Dean and I'm a 19 year old filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland. I've made several short films before but this Summer I'm making my first feature-length film. It's about a young aspiring yet apprehensive writer in her last year of school who's looking after her dad as he recovers...
  9. T

    Scott & Sid - Dreamchasers - Feature length York-based film

    Hi guys, I'm doing an internship at the moment on a big York-based feature film project. The film, Scott & Sid, is based on the true story of the two as they form an unlikely friendship and their adventure through life, creating their own company before making the hard decision whether to give...
  10. T

    'Bronson' Producer Gives Advice to New Filmmakers

    A very insightful article where 'Bronson' Film Producer Danny Hansford gives advice to filmmakers on getting a start in the business: http://talesfromtheargo.com/bronson-producer-speaks-on-breaking-into-the-film-industry/ Be great to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments section.:)