1. G

    Hi I’m new here! Thought I’d share my latest work for feedback :)

    My name is Asher Pike, I’m very thankful for being accepted into this site. I hope to become friends with people here, to give and gain advice. I am an aspiring film director, novel writer, musical composer and editor. Just 16 as well so I really appreciate all advice and feedback on my work...
  2. exleyal

    Seeking Help for Comedy Adventure Series

    Hello, I am looking for people who are interested in participating in an animated comedy adventure series based on the PC game Wolf Quest. I need voice actors and character controllers. Video editors are also welcome! This is unfortunately not a paid opportunity and will rely on people...
  3. E

    2017 Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Fest - Call for Entries

    We’re excited to announce the launch of the call for entries for the twelfth annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFFSFF), a partnership between EMP Museum and the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)! We’d love for you to submit! From July 1st through September 30th...
  4. S

    Superhero Short Film Fest accepting all genres!

    Superhero Short Film Fest Earlybird Deadline February 12, 2016 Standard Fee: $5 USD Student Fee: $4 USD Click below to enter: Superhero Short Film Fest features a live screening of the top five superhero/fantasy films, followed...
  5. A

    Post-Production Crew Collaborator needed for FUN, MFA thesis musical film!

    Hello, Our team is looking for some important post-production positions for our fun musical/fantasy/drama short thesis film <The Fantastic Clown Club>! (Los Angeles Area) We are also looking for post-production members who are also in achieving their way up as post-production professionals and...
  6. JulianRay

    Original Music for Original Project

    If you're working on some interesting and original project and if you need original music/sounds for it - listen to my musical style, and if it's what you want for your film - contact me with your Ideas. Preferable themes: Sci-Fi, Mystique, Fantasy, Children, Nature, Tale, etc. My music...
  7. V

    slave cargo, sci fi short

    slave cargo. out now and free to watch. [url]