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    How to get free exposure and be seen by productions looking for hire

    I worked as a fixer, or local producer, for british production companies coming over from the UK. There were times where they would actually pay people to come from London to Los Angeles, because they couldn't reach people, or vet them, or find people willing to work for the right price. This is...
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    Looking for young film students

    Great opportunity to gain experience.
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    Exposure on digital (with LUTs)

    Hi, this might be a little overexplained but I am a little bit confused about exposure in digital media where Log curves o raw formats are used. In fact I would say that my question would also be applied to analog cinematography in the way the latitud is increased regarding the output media...
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    Exposing 16mm

    With the Kodak 7219, how forgiving is it in the dark? Sometimes my meter won't read anything so I am wondering if the stock will actually have something show up? Also, is it good to rate the stock at like 400 instead of 500, what do you recommend to do with that on the 7219? Thank you. Nick
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    WANTED: creative programs for use ON AIR

    ATTN Film Students, aspiring TV Producers, Filmmakers and Inventors: IMMEDIATELY seeking NEW and CREATIVE programs to be aired on original, internet-driven TV station. FPTV is a local cable TV station in the process of launching a major internet initiative. This is YOUR CHANCE to introduce your...