1. C

    Create your YouTube intro for free with DaVinci Resolve

    I hope you’ll find this helpful!
  2. A

    New Film: Way Of The Psychonaut re: psychedelics and psychotherapy

    Susan Hess Logeais just premiered her newest film about Dr. Stan Grof, a pioneer in the research of psychedelics and their use in psychotherapy. Replay of film and Q&A live at The Way of the Psychonaut with Gathr At Home™. Tix only $12. A fantastic example of great editing.
  3. jodymichelle

    Editing Structure: Avoid Over-Cutting

    Filmmakers, content creators, and storytellers, here's a cool article to check out! Editing Structure: Avoid Over-Cutting Written by Richard D. Pepperman It has been more than a decade, and while I haven’t kept my mouth shut about it in the classroom (not at all), I’ve not expressed my...
  4. videoproduction

    Corrupted Video Files and How to Fix Them

    It’s bound to happen to every videographer at some point in their career: The shoot is wrapped, the last SD card has been pulled from the camera and the Data Wrangler on the set turns ashen and says to you, “Wait a minute, there’s nothing on this card!” Sure enough it’s Miller time but for all...
  5. U

    how to match sequence settings in Adobe Promiere Pro ? | MaxFA

    subscribe to my Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQBJvXJAdc4ifFJs9KNV0Uw?sub_confirmation=1 Max Film Academy--Study Filmmaking In New York https://maxfilmacademy.com
  6. C

    You Can Learn a lot from Editing.

    My Youtube Channel
  7. ruanlotter

    Want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro 2017?

    Want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro 2017? This 14 part video series will teach you all the basics in only 1 hour using the latest version of Premiere Pro CC 2017! Contents: 01: The User Interface 02: How To Import Assets Into Premiere Pro 03: Creating Your First Sequence 04...
  8. M

    musical technique in film?

    Hi everyone, I'm a musician with only a layman's understanding of cinema, so I hope this post doesn't seem too strange. :confused: There's a technique in classical music called "rubato", where the music is both speeded up AND slowed down just before an important moment, in order to accentuate...
  9. harriet

    Rise- An experiment in editing I made to document a day spent with friends.

    I don't really know what to call this, it's not really a narrative film but also not a vlog, more of just an experimental piece to remember a lovely day spent with friends, almost a diary entry. I'd love some feedback on if you guys enjoyed it- bit of a different technique but also something...
  10. N

    Post Production Workflow – Understand it or DIE!

    I know I'm being a bit dramatic when I say "Understand Post Production Workflow or DIE!" but I've seen and been involved with sooooooo many independent films that just die in post production because of one simple thing, they didn't understand post production workflow. Post Production Workflow...
  11. J

    Learn Cinematic Capture, Color Grading, Noise Reduction, all in one place!

    DSLR Filmschool is a full-spectrum learning resource for filmmakers who want to become proficient at ‎capture and post-production processes like color grading. We're up to $1,965 of $13,500 in just 4 days on Kickstarter! Consider backing us and receive access to our video-tutorial...
  12. O

    Looking for young film students

    Great opportunity to gain experience.
  13. C

    Welcome to my life music video

    So I made this video and I'm just wondering what people think of it . thanks (:
  14. F

    Looking for editor for music video

    hi, I am singer. And I am in the process of releasing my ep...This is an independent project. I would need a really good editor. We can discuss compensation..Please make sure you enclose samples of your work if you are interested.. I am located in New York. If you have any question feel free...
  15. F

    Looking for crew for a music video

    hi, I am singer. And I am in the process of releasing my ep...This is an independent project. I plan to shoot a video for the single by the end of may.. I would need a video director and a really good editor. We can discuss compensation..Please make sure you enclose samples of your work if...
  16. jodymichelle

    JOB POSTINGS UPDATE: 3 Post Production Jobs Posted

    View them here: http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/classifieds/view.php?cat=3 * Job Opening: Final Cut Editors (starts ASAP) * Job Opening: Post-Production Editor (Ongoing, starts 10/1/10) * Assistant Editor (Up to 3 months or longer, starts 10/4/10) -
  17. L

    10 Tips for a Better Editing Experience.

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know I've just posted a article called "Cut Happy - 10 tips for a Better Editing Experience" over at HollywoodReinvented.com. I think this post will give those just starting out an idea of some of the essentials editors need to think about when starting a...
  18. B

    Editing: Getting Started

    Hey peeps! I've finally made a start on my film making career by booking myself on a Final Cut Pro course as editing is what I would like to do. The course is 10 evening courses and I will operate Final Cut Pro to a level where I should be able to take the Apple certification level 1...
  19. L

    Editing h.264 clips shot using Vado

    Hi All, I have some HD content shot using Vado HD cam(A cam like Mino HD). The clips are in h.264 format and the software that came with the cam is limited. As i understand h.264 is a distribution format than an editing format. Can you suggest how can i edit these clips? Should i convert the...
  20. G

    Julie & Julia - Fantasy & Reality

    It was great to spend time with Meryl Streep (Julia Child): Who else could play a tall, gawky woman who spoke bad French at first - so not Meryl herself. And it was great to spend time with the just as versatile Stanley Tucci (husband Paul Child) and see Amy Adams (Julie Powell) a rising actress...