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  1. jodymichelle

    Register Now for 2 Day HDSLR Workshop - Manhattan, New York City

    Join us next Saturday & Sunday, October 20 & 21 in Manhattan, New York City. Continuing Education Workshop and Networking: 2-Day HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Patrick Reis. Day 2 Highlights Special Focus on Camera Movement. Seats Still Available. Register Now: <a...
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    Expand Your Film and Video Making Arsenal

    This edition of the HD DSLR Workshops E-Newsletter highlights technology, gear, and recommended rental houses in New York City. Learn cutting-edge techniques and technologies, and expand your film and video making arsenal. Keep abreast of new camera movement and stabilization best practices...
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    Register Now for 2 Day HDSLR Workshop - Manhattan, New York City

    <strong>Geared for all levels, bringing together professionals, independents, students, professors, educators, and working artists.</strong><br> <br> The 2 Day HDSLR Workshop is geared for all levels of filmmakers, videographers, and digital media artists, as well as still photographers and...
  4. jodymichelle

    DSLR Motorized Focus Zoom intro from Camera Turret Company

    Check out this video demo of the DSLR Motorized Focus Zoom from Camera Turret Company (<a href="http://www.cameraturret.com" target="_blank">www.cameraturret.com</a>). I'm excited and looking forward to seeing it in action at the <a...
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    EVENT REMINDER: First 20 to Pre-Register Online Get FREE Gorilla PRO - Sign up now!

    5 more available! Sign up now, and get a FREE Gorilla PRO film production software. Register online today for this Saturday's HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop. Details, schedule, and online signup at: http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/enews/HDSLR-filmmaking_July-16-Event.html -
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    Hands-On HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop: Shoot with Canon 5Ds and 7Ds

    7 days left to register online! Check out the program details, equipment that attendees will be shooting with, and free raffle door prizes: http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/workshops/Sept2010-HDSLR-Filmmaking.html -