1. jodymichelle

    "Filmmaker as Magician: One of the Greatest Jobs on Earth" By David K. Irving

    "Filmmaker as Magician: One of the Greatest Jobs on Earth" By David K. Irving "Filmmaker as Magician: One of the Greatest Jobs on Earth" By David K. Irving. Click here to read it...
  2. wesvital

    How to Become Famous in the Movie Business...

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  3. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 1

    Dave Pauwels was kind enough to ask about my experiences as a director. I don't see much difference between film and tape, analog or digital, drama, comedy, or documentary, so I'll talk about them generally as "filmed entertainment," a traditional term that distinguishes movies from theater. I...
  4. J

    UK Filmmaker looking for collab

    Hi, I am an 18 year old aspiring filmmaker who is looking to branch out into the independent filmmaking circuit while some of my friends instead opted for University. I have written a few screenplays and have acted in a couple of professional films but hope to starting this summer and moving...
  5. V

    Is Acting a Misunderstood Art Form?

    Hi everyone, We are trying to start a dialogue on how Acting is viewed by actors and by filmmakers. Are we talking about acting fairly? Or are we barely scratching the surface of all the details and techniques of this art form? In short, WHAT is real acting ability? To know how we view...
  6. Jared Isham

    Directing for Micro Budget Films

    I started a series a while ago discussing directing for micro budget films. It has since been combined with my other videos but the information might be helpful to some of you. I'll try to keep directing content posted to...
  7. C

    Short comedy film 'Will's New Neighbour'

    Hi guys. I've made this comedy film for my college project and would appreciate your critique.
  8. erichasocd

    just smile (short film)

    "A young girl's message makes its way into a struggling boy's life" Written and Directed by Eric Castillo
  9. Steaditwo

    Some Insight For New Filmmakers

    Hi Everyone! This Julian Chojnacki and this is my first post to the forum. You may remember me from the 3D seminars I've given in the past. I've worked as a Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator and Underwater Operator for over 35 years. I've worked on projects ranging...
  10. A

    getting info

    Hello everybody! I am happy to join your forum. I have a few questions. Sorry for my English, I am originally from Russia. I am trying to do a research on film schools in Ottawa where one can study directing. Which schools would you recommend? Which courses did you take yourself? I found a...
  11. jodymichelle

    Inside Casting Sessions: Casting Your Actors

    Inside Casting Sessions: Casting Your Actors ...And When Your Actors Cast You -