1. SuperDaddyTV

    David and Goliath Cartoon

    Our cartoon of David and Goliath done in a combination of clay animation and CGI, great for the whole family!
  2. SuperDaddyTV

    Jesus & The Bankers (with a modern twist) Clay Animation

    My clay animated version of the bible story in which Jesus kicks the bankers/merchants out of the church. We gave it a more modern setting and made a clay figure of a banker from a well known board game. Can you guess which one? This version is meant to be a little funny and cartoony so don't...
  3. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Floor Burgers Stop Motion Short Film

    The misadventures of Charlie Butters is a cartoon series we are currently working on releasing. This is episode one entitled, "Floor Burgers." Charlie is sort of a clumsy fellow always meaning well but due to his clumsiness often gets himself in trouble. This series is one of many we will be...