1. carlossto

    Face to Face with an Angel

    Hello fellow members. I would like to share my new video "Face to Face with an Angel". Whenever I look into the eyes of a child, this is how I feel.
  2. I

    Call for children's films, NYTimes press!

    Organization Overview The International Children's Media Center (ICMC)is dedicated to promoting media literacy and engagement for children growing up in a modern, screen-filled age. The ICMC curates and produces a number of festivals and events including: BAMKids Film Festival 2012 – Now in its...
  3. O

    New specialist entertainment company

    Hi, We are a new entertainment company representing a team of professional Dwarf Actors (UNDER 4ft 8ins) who specialise working in prosthetics/skin/full costume and child stunts. Our actors have a wealth of credits/appearances behind them, including Harry Potter Movies, Dr Who Series, Barney...