1. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 1

    Dave Pauwels was kind enough to ask about my experiences as a director. I don't see much difference between film and tape, analog or digital, drama, comedy, or documentary, so I'll talk about them generally as "filmed entertainment," a traditional term that distinguishes movies from theater. I...
  2. MooiTV.com

    EENDAG, The World's Best Online Soapie!

    It's been my dream for some years to create an online soapie. "That's the stupidest dream in the world!" you say? Yeah well they said the same thing about talky films, now look at us. Now here's the latest episode. Episode sounds long but it's not. You can watch this in the same time...
  3. MooiFlieks.Com

    Beautiful lady to become television celebrity

    Her flight lands and everybody gets off the South African Airways aeroplane. After getting her luggage, our celebrity woman steps outside into the city. Get ready world! Here comes Mevrou T.V. Beeldradio! http://mooiflieks.com/eendag/eendag00015.html