1. S

    Animated short

    I made this short and I would love suggestions on how to improve it? Are there any competitions for newbies on the East Coast it might be good for?
  2. MooiFlieks.Com

    SLOBBIES: The birth of CoolAsFire

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! Ol'Mom, a fat woman in a yellow dress with orange hair, is moarning her husband's passing at his gravesite. She remembers all the good times they've had together. How they first went out for example. Her father went along on their first date, believe it or not...
  3. SuperDaddyTV

    The Two Amoebas: Remembering Yesterday Cartoon

    The two Amoebas, Jim and Bob take a funny stroll down memory lane and realize life is pretty short at least for an Amoeba! Another in our funny family friendly cartoon series.
  4. SuperDaddyTV

    David and Goliath Cartoon

    Our cartoon of David and Goliath done in a combination of clay animation and CGI, great for the whole family!
  5. MooiFlieks.Com

    SLOBBIES: There's something fishy about my new pet...

    Slobbies decides to be the first pet who gets himself a pet. But is this wise? VIEW THIS MOVIE NOW
  6. MooiFlieks.Com

    SLOBBIES 2: My best friend is a guineafowl! Animated comedy

    Slobbies the generic white dog is sleeping very audibly, when his master, Ol'Mom, brings him breakfast in bed by literally throwing the dishes with food into his bed with him. The same day, he finds a cocky bird outside that claims to be a guineafowl wanting to move in with him. But does...
  7. MooiFlieks.Com

    SLOBBIES 1: Cool As Fire! Animated comedy

    Do you like animated comedies? Ah good, watch this one: Coolasfire is a difficult teen. He doesn't seem to like his mother anymore. So he runs away from home. His mother, Ol'Mom, is very sad, but then the doorbell rings. It's a new son! Well, actually it's a puppy. But dogs can stand...
  8. S

    SAG Animation Help

    Hi. Doing a SAG Aftra cartoon which involves a lot of contracts and everything. Facts about my cartoons: It's animated in Flash It's 7 minutes long The Union rates are negotiable since it falls under the New Media signatory state It's produced for Youtube The budget may be 10000 I need an...
  9. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: How To Create Your Own 2D Cartoon

    Ever wanted to create your own 2D South Park type cartoon? Here is how! If you enjoy this - please consider subscribing. :) Thanks! Ruan
  10. SuperDaddyTV

    A Funny Public Service Announcement Claymation (by P.B. my daughter)

    A Funny Public Service Announcement Claymation (by P.B. my daughter). My daughter made this claymation, with my help, for a class project but we found it funny enough to put up on youtube. Hope it makes you laugh! We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for our shots set to absorb even lower light...