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  1. jodymichelle

    Announcing Top 10 Tips for Networking Success

    <span style="font-size:13px; color:#000000; font-family:verdana">It's a fresh season and we've added to the global <strong><a href="" target="_blank" style="color:#000000">Film and Video Makers Networking Community</a></strong> <a...
  2. jodymichelle

    New Film and Video Jobs Listed: "Now Hiring"

    New jobs posted in the Film and Video Job Boards. View them here: (Free free to post your own Calls for Crew and Casting Notices!) -
  3. Kim Welch

    Call for Crew and Availability

    We will send out any call for crew notices posted each week or sooner depending on the number of posts we get. Sign up now and post in the Market Place to get your notice included in the email updates
  4. jodymichelle

    8 New "Call for Crew" Notices Posted in Job Board

    <a href="">Wanted: Visual Effects Supervisor (3/1-12/1, starts ASAP)</a><br><br><a href="">Wanted: Associate Video Designer (4 Month Minimum, starts March...