background music

  1. Todayflix

    Royalty Free Music (100% No Copyright Music)

    Dear Friends i wanna Give You No Copyright Sounds is a copyright free / stream safe record label, providing free to use music to the content creator community. and Also providing free to use videos to the content creator community. We work with artists from around the world in electronic music...
  2. T

    Free Music for Film Makers / Videos

    Hey guys. I came across a nice website that has some really nice free music. Definitely worth a look.
  3. DPmusic

    Music for your Videos and for Creative Projects.

    Hi Friends! You need royalty free no copyright music for video? I may recommend this source. Stock Melodies. Best regards.
  4. A

    Royalty free music + Free Pizza!

    Hi guys! I could write that I have many years of work in different musical areas, hundreds orders from commercial companies and popular artists but… who cares? Only the music itself is important. I came on the royalty free market 2 weeks ago, but my tracks are already bought like hot cakes...
  5. LamWooStudio

    Free background music for your non-profit projects

    Here is some free background music that you can use for non-commercial projects. I originally composed/recorded the tracks for things like documentaries, student videos, montages and video games, so I'm not sure how well they would fit with dramatic videos. You can preview all the tracks (12 so...
  6. A

    JewelBeat - 1000+ free royalty free music & effects for ur projects.

    Hi, I am writing in from and we have over 1000 free royalty free music and sound effects you can use on your projects. All you have to do is credit us when in use with the following active link: JewelBeat Royalty Free Background Music. Hope this helps make things a...