1. Kim Welch

    The Brick Thief: A LEGO Short Film

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  2. P

    Phoenix Comicon Film Festival

    Filmmakers, The 2011 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival call for entries has begun! This year we invite one and all to submit to the film festival and to the Phoenix Comicon Film Challenge. You have from now until March 31st, 2010 to submit your film. The rules for the Phoenix Comicon Film...
  3. T

    $1,500 Robert Half International Animated Bumper Project on

    $1,500 Robert Half International Animated Bumper Project on Create a short (3 – 5 second) animated “bumper” to be incorporated into the end of the five winning Interview Blunder videos. These animations should be slick, Spartan, creative, original and able to stand on their own. Your...
  4. T

    $5,250 Nooka Freestyle Animation + Video Project on

    $5,250 Nooka Freestyle Animation + Video Project on Tongal and Nooka are teaming up and looking to you to come up with Nooka’s new brand video. Nooka was founded in 2005 with the singular goal of telling time in a more intuitive way. Since then, the company has developed an entire...
  5. jodymichelle

    7 New Animation Job Openings Posted!

    <strong>New Animation Job Openings Posted!</strong><br><br><strong>Employment: </strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a><ul><li>Animation Job Vacancy: Designer - Animator...
  6. M

    Pig Me - 2D animated shortfilm

    Hi' Everybody! I made a 2D animated shortfilm together with 4 friends... Its called Pig Me and you can see it here: and you can see some extra material here: I hope you will enjoy it :) Mette
  7. Beau

    Skiing thru Seattle Stop Motion

    1,700 photos taken. ...this is what happens when Washington DC steals all your snow. Skiing thru Seattle (My 1st Stop Motion... a little clunky, but next time we'll rock it.) My buddy and I made this one afternoon. My favorite response from a...
  8. clockandflame

    Online Session: Digital VFX & Animation

    On-line Session Announcement: The Production Pipeline Digital Visual Effects and Animation: Ask a Professional (Student Series) As part of promotions for his new book, The Digital Visual Effects Studio, Mayur Patel is hosting on-line webinar sessions for students of film and computer...
  9. Kim Welch

    The Father
  10. T

    Twisted Art

    Here is a link to my latest amateur film, for a competition. The more views, the better! Thanks for watching.
  11. B

    3d objects into Vegas

    Hello guys, i want to make an animation using 3d objects. I already know how to animate keyframes, but i dont know how to export 3d files to Vegas. I am using "Ulead cool 3d" and "Autodesk Maya" to make the objects. How can i save them in a format that can be opened in Sony Vegas? Oh, its...
  12. S

    Collection of Funny Animated Series!

    Mama Lucchetti - Kitchen Light see more of this author: Mama Lucchetti - Ad Mama Lucchetti - Chorus Mama Lucchetti - Blender...