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  1. J

    Thanos snap

    hey just wandering if anyone knows how to create the thanos snap in after effects without paying for attachments or templates
  2. D

    Photorealistic Lens FX Webinar 25% OFF - Sale Ends June 5th

    FX Ecademy's Photorealistic Lens FX Webinar Has Dropped! Ever been faced with having to match the chromatic aberration of a live action plate when placing a CGI element into that live action; or add a bokeh to match surrounding shots? In just over an hour you can master the subject of...
  3. sshahriyari


    Hello everyone Please comment. thanks
  4. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Create A Video From A 360 Degree Still Photo

    Heya! In this After Effects tutorial I explain how you can use a still 360 degree panoramic photo to create videos! Remember to subscribe for weekly VFX videos! Cheerz! Ruan
  5. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial - Pixelated Backgrounds

    So in this quick tutorial I show you how to create some cool pixelated animated backgrounds in After Effects. Cheerz r
  6. ruanlotter

    Kickstart your career in VFX - No Experience required!

    Have you ever wanted to do your own Visual Effects or maybe dream about working for a major VFX Studio in Hollywood? Well now you can learn all the basic skills to get you started! This course will give you the all building blocks that will allow you to start using Adobe After Effects, 3dsmax...
  7. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Captain America Opening Title

    In this tutorial I show you how to create the Captain America Opening Title using After Effects - no 3rd party plugins required. Thanks for watching! Regards, Ruan
  8. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial - Mask Tracking

    Not many people know about this awesome feature - Track your masks in AE CC! Thanks for watching! Ruan
  9. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Dynamic Expressions

    In my latest tutorial I show you how to use dynamic expressions in After Effects. Giving you more control using basic expressions. Thanks so much for watching! :)
  10. ruanlotter

    Tutorial: Creating A Clean Plate From A Hand Held Shot

    One of the most crucial skills when doing VFX is creating a good clean plate from your shot. This can be very tricky if you only have one hand held shot and you simply cannot recreate the exact camera movement without the actor(s). This is how you do it! Like? Please subscribe!
  11. Y

    Employee of the Month + Armed Robbers + New Janitor = One Explosive Encounter!!!

    Hey guys, here is our first fun release. We are still learning the softwares and equipment and got to play around with some stuff in this short video. Please comment or subscribe and help support us. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks! More vids to coom soon. Shot with Canon 7D's and...
  12. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV CH1 "E6: The Break In"

    Hi guys, This week’s episode sees the launch of SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) Channel Two! The SketchWork TV archive is about to be attacked by a masked robber - can the infamous duo keep hold of their secrets or will the robber make them accessible to the whole planet. I hope you enjoy episode...
  13. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV "E2: SIGNS"

    Hi guys, This is the second episode of our new visual effect show "SketchWork TV". This episode involved an incredible amount of 2D tracking which was used to make each sign look realistic and fit well with the surrounding area. So enjoy the second episode of SketchWork TV: "E2: Signs" where...
  14. R

    Easy light wrap techniques (green screen)

    Hey guys, I was working on some green screen work a few days ago and it was really difficult compositing it together realistically in after effects. After a few days of searching, forum posting and researching I figured out I needed to add in a simple filter called light wrap. Basically in the...
  15. oscarknott

    FINAL DESTINATION Fan film - VFX short

    It took me 6 months to put this baby together so i hope you like the finished product, its a FINAL DESTINATION fan film that takes a more literal approach to the idea.