1. jumbosizeee

    Throwing around advice!

    So for me, i've been looking for a place to ask for help and this happened to be one place that popped up. i hope you take time out of your day to read my story and hopefully give some insight as well as advice to help me with my issue. not only is it causing me stress, it's also let me fall...
  2. B

    The BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter

    The BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter If you’re a screenwriter looking to become part of a writing community, join the BlueCat mailing list. Sent every Tuesday, the BlueCat newsletter is filled with screenwriting-related content: interviews, articles, downloads, videos, tips and more...
  3. T

    Moving To Hollywood ?? Help is Here.. I've been out here in LA for over 13 years working in the industry and I always seem to get ask the same questions over and over by people like you. People that are searching for answers, connections and opportunities in regards to Tv & Film production as well as working...