1. jodymichelle

    Actors and Directors - Historical Re-enactors

    Here's a forum convo topic! Are you an actor - or director looking for actors for your projects? Students and neophytes, have you ever considered historical re-enactors or projects that involve working with historical re-enactors? Check out this article! Medieval. Crusader. Viking. Caribbean...
  2. videoproduction

    Acting 101: Movies vs Commercial

    This week we will be exploring the topic of acting in movies vs commercial projects. We’ll answer the questions of how to get paid acting gigs, how to secure an agent or be in a talent agency and what to expect in your career as an actor. We’ll also focus on the demands and perks of the...
  3. Nipponp for half price!!!

    Hi there, I've recently paid for a 12 month subscription for for £170 approx $218. At the time they had a pomotional offer of allowing me to share my access with another person. I don't know anwone who would be interested but I'm sure there would be lots of film makers ...
  4. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 1

    Dave Pauwels was kind enough to ask about my experiences as a director. I don't see much difference between film and tape, analog or digital, drama, comedy, or documentary, so I'll talk about them generally as "filmed entertainment," a traditional term that distinguishes movies from theater. I...
  5. R

    Non-Uniion SAG Members

    Hi! I am in the casting stage of a short film I'm working on and one of my auditioning actors resume lists him as "Non-Union SAG Member" I guess I'm not really sure what that means, because I was under the impression that SAG means union... We are a practically non-existent budget short...
  6. S

    (london) looking for male actors age 18-25 for student film

    Hi actors, I'm a producer on a student short film based in South East London, looking for 3 male actors age 18-25 for a role in a 2 minute short. We'll be shooting in the New Cross/Brockley area on Friday 23rd of Oct, and Sunday 25th of Oct, 2015. There's no pay but lunch will be provided. If...
  7. S

    new comedy web-series

    We have a new comedy web-series about actors/extras in NYC. Please give it a view at Happy Holidays to my fellow peers! thanks, Stephen
  8. I

    We're In. You're How.

    To begin, I want to welcome you to In-How Talent Source with a big shout of encouragement. In-How is now accepting new applicants of Musical Performers and Acting Models for exposure and work requests. Casting Directors: you're welcome to access and book multiple Talents through our source...
  9. N

    Female actresses required for starring role in 'sexy' shaving viral

    Do you want to be a Youtube sensation? Each of our chosen 8 actresses will act out a monologue derived from a problem page found in a tabloid newspaper. You will be dressed in designer lingerie and will have your legs shaved by media sensation Sacha Harding (AKA, Britain’s Manliest Man) whilst...
  10. O

    New specialist entertainment company

    Hi, We are a new entertainment company representing a team of professional Dwarf Actors (UNDER 4ft 8ins) who specialise working in prosthetics/skin/full costume and child stunts. Our actors have a wealth of credits/appearances behind them, including Harry Potter Movies, Dr Who Series, Barney...
  11. B

    The Essential Guide for Actors to the Entertainment Industry

    Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of May 2010, all day workshop. Back Door Production and Management have put together an extensive workshop scheduled over two days to introduce actors to all the essential skills they will need to be successful in the industry. Our contributors include Sandy...