1. R

    [not relevant] Male actor needed. Paid.

    Requirements: - a fair-skinned man with an appearance of 25-55 years old (the real age may be less or more, the main thing is that the voice and face correspond to the age of 25-55 years) - American accent - no facial hair - short haircut You will have to sit in front of the camera and film...
  2. D

    Arabic actors needed for Dark Organs film - starting this month

    Hi everyone, my names Billy and I'm trying to make this Dark Organs film - Logline - In 2011, a retiree surgeon drags along his ex - medical student to war torn syria to cash in on the illegal organ trade. When trust decays with their crime boss, the walls start closing in and the only option...
  3. videoproduction

    Acting 101: Movies vs Commercial

    This week we will be exploring the topic of acting in movies vs commercial projects. We’ll answer the questions of how to get paid acting gigs, how to secure an agent or be in a talent agency and what to expect in your career as an actor. We’ll also focus on the demands and perks of the...
  4. M

    Advice and guidance

    Hi, I am 19 years old and live in the uk. I am trying to get back into acting since having to take about a 2 year break due to health issues. Growing up I was always involed in acting and performing in school. I attend a stagecoach performing art school on a Saturday and did a few performances...
  5. V

    How does an Actor maintain motivation when regularly rejected?

    Good afternoon. I'm doing a project for my studies and I would need as much opinions as possible to answer this question : How does an Actor maintain motivation when regularly rejected? May I ask you to answer and give details to it please? I think this topic is helpful for every actor...
  6. C

    You Can Learn a lot from Editing.

    My Youtube Channel
  7. C

    Stack you Acting Odds in Your Favor

    My Youtube Channel
  8. J

    Throwing around advice!

    So for me, i've been looking for a place to ask for help and this happened to be one place that popped up. i hope you take time out of your day to read my story and hopefully give some insight as well as advice to help me with my issue. not only is it causing me stress, it's also let me fall...
  9. mindscreen

    Six Months Course in Film Making and Direction at MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE

    MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE No: 4, Ranga Lane, Off Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004 Ph: +91 044 4210 8682 / 2499 6417 Mobile: +91 9841612595 E-mail: Web: Six Months Course in Film Making and Direction ADMISSIONS OPEN AUGUST 2019...
  10. mindscreen

    Nine Months Course in Cinematography @ MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE

    MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE 4, Ranga Lane, Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 Ph: +91 44 42108682 / 24996417/Mobile: +91 9841612595 Web: E-mail: ADMISSIONS OPEN! MFi Launch its NINE MONTHS COURSE IN CINEMATOGRAPHY from May 2019 to January...
  11. R


    We provide courses in acting and theater studio, Choreography, Dance, and Ballet for children and adults. To know more, click here:
  12. wesvital

    Meeting with a Manager or Agent

    If you're an actor and you want to knock it out of the park when you have that first meeting, these are the tips you need to know!
  13. wesvital

    How to Become Famous in the Movie Business...

    [No message]
  14. C

    Paying it forward

    Hello everyone, I really hope this post comes in useful. I have created it to try and share something I have found of tremendous value. It has helped change my outlook and reinvigorate my career. Something I was in desperate need of. You see earlier this year I almost threw in the towel for...
  15. P

    Best Acting of All Time

    Some of the best acting of all time. Actors to study Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5...
  16. V

    Is Acting a Misunderstood Art Form?

    Hi everyone, We are trying to start a dialogue on how Acting is viewed by actors and by filmmakers. Are we talking about acting fairly? Or are we barely scratching the surface of all the details and techniques of this art form? In short, WHAT is real acting ability? To know how we view...
  17. G

    Audition from the Comfort of Your Living Room!

    Here is an AWESOME Hollywood opportunity without all of the time and travel costs!
  18. mindscreen

    Admissions open for february 2016

    ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR FEBRUARY 2016 BATCH APPLY NOW Six Months Course on Cinematography - February 2016 (Last date for receipt of filled in application is 9th November 2015) Six Months Course on Screenwriting and Filmmaking - February 2016 (Last date for receipt of filled in application is 9th...
  19. G

    Audition from the comfort of your Living Room!

    Here's an exciting opportunity (minus all the travel time and expenses..!)
  20. mindscreen

    Free introductory acting workshop

    Do you have it in you to become a great actor? FREE INTRODUCTORY ACTING WORKSHOP on Saturday the 2nd May 2015 from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM ADMISSION STRICTLY ON ADVANCE REGISTRATION ONLY For Registration call: MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE No: 4, Ranga Lane, Off Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600...