1. O

    Need tips for transfering 16mm color negative

    Hey, film student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I'm gearing up to get my final project for the semester started, so i'm trying to test some things first. I just got authorized on my school HD film transfer room, it's basically a 16mm projector with an HD camera pointing into...
  2. ChristopherW

    16mm film is (almost) all black

    Hello, I've just got some film back from the lab, and it didn't turn out. I'm trying to figure out why. I shot black and white 16mm reversal film, using an Arri BL. When I got the film back, almost every single frame was black. Occationally, I have one or two frames which are visible and well...
  3. N

    Exposing 16mm

    With the Kodak 7219, how forgiving is it in the dark? Sometimes my meter won't read anything so I am wondering if the stock will actually have something show up? Also, is it good to rate the stock at like 400 instead of 500, what do you recommend to do with that on the 7219? Thank you. Nick
  4. P

    That noisy 16mm camera...!!!

    Hi There! I’m planning to shoot a feature in 16mm - B&W and I want to buy a camera. (Eventually I will need to blow up to 35mm) I understand Bolex is very noisy. In your experience, which 16mm camera would be a good choice for a sync-sound narrative project? I’m very concern about noise level...