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  1. Kim Welch

    Writing is the foundation

    I was reading about how Quentin Tarantino wrote pulp fiction while staying in Amsterdam. It was handwritten in school notebooks and was a mess. He did final edits when he came back to the US and had a friend type it up. Everything starts with a good story.
  2. Kim Welch

    Costa Rica in 4k - Mavic Air, Lumix g80, Ak2000 gimbal

    wow, that is sharp! Thanks for posting!
  3. Kim Welch

    Working on Saturday Morning

    Drinking homemade Dunkin Donuts coffee and listening to Muddy Waters.
  4. Kim Welch

    How can you tell if a movie is directed well?

    I was thinking about actors and how they come up with their own characters and maybe the director gives them some pointers but how often does he really make the big contributions that create the great movie? Let me know your thoughts. :unsure:
  5. Kim Welch

    4 questions Will Smith asks himself about a character in a story - Talk about Story

    4 Character Questions 1. What does he want? 2. Why does he want it? 3. What will happen if he doesn't get it? 4. What are the obstacles keeping him from getting it? Let me know what you think! :unsure:
  6. Kim Welch

    cool person good with camera in for a one day road trip?

    I didn't see if this is paid or non paid?
  7. Kim Welch

    Anyone recognize this guy?

  8. Kim Welch

    Improv in C Minor

  9. Kim Welch

    Guitar And Orchestra

    Thank you Massimo, Where did you hear it at? On my facebook or here?
  10. Kim Welch

    Thanks for posting your article!

    Thanks for posting your article!
  11. Kim Welch

    Guitar And Orchestra

    Thank you!
  12. Kim Welch

    Post Here: Film Festivals and Video Contests

    Post Here: Film Festivals and Video Contests
  13. Kim Welch

    Looking for Collaboration by new Cinematographer

    That is an excellent Reel. I love the piano too! Excellent.
  14. Kim Welch

    M. David Mullen, ASC - What is Realistic Cinematography?

    Here is the new responsive post for the original article:
  15. Kim Welch

    Cinematography - The color palette and the impact of color and how Cinematographers use it
  16. Kim Welch

    10 Editing Tips - Novice Editorial Mistakes to Avoid
  17. Kim Welch

    Reasons Why Film Festivals Matter
  18. Kim Welch

    Film Festivals Success Tips
  19. Kim Welch

    5 Tips for Submitting to Film Festivals
  20. Kim Welch

    List of Best 7 LA Acting Schools Websites

    List of Top 7 LA acting School Websites Inspired? Sign up and join an acting group on our network at...