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  1. TheFancyClassic

    Filming Permissions for Egypt

    Following up. I have one client asking to film few scenes with these giant Pyramid. If they have enough budget then I could ask for further information....otherwise we should just use footage then.
  2. TheFancyClassic

    Online platforms to release short movies?

    Pheww....just back from a load of shoots last week :D Thanks for your advice Kim, I solved the problem already, it turns out that it was a fairly simple solution. I read about some other platforms that can substitute for YouTube and showed to the client, so they're happy to give it a try. I...
  3. TheFancyClassic

    Online platforms to release short movies?

    Honestly I'm getting all the confusion when it comes to marketing and stuffs. I know it's necessary to launch a movie, but usually it's what client should care about right? Yeah I'm about to share the movie with you guys in this forum but need to boost it somewhere first. Hmm...I really...
  4. TheFancyClassic

    Online platforms to release short movies?

    So here's the thing, I recently finished post production for a movie series, which we did all the production on behalf of our client. It is kind of a series of short viral films, in which my client's products are placed. Quite interesting, each episode is about a different actor with different...
  5. TheFancyClassic

    What kind of tripod should I get for what is right for me? I get better picture of the story. I also don't understand why they react like that, some behind the scene reasons maybe? But anyway to support you mate, I deleted their link in my above post :) Keep on good work with your magazine!
  6. TheFancyClassic

    What kind of tripod should I get for what is right for me?

    Does it mean I should stop bragging around about B&H? Sorry to hear, sometimes big company has small eyes. They just don't see the potential of this forum, and it's negative for them, not for us.
  7. TheFancyClassic

    DSLR cameras

    I was about to comment the same thing. It's such a famous low budget and individual film.
  8. TheFancyClassic

    What kind of tripod should I get for what is right for me?

    Or you can go to B&H website to see the list of recommended Tripot, might find what you need there before going to the tradeshow.
  9. TheFancyClassic

    Musician and Composer offering free services for project.

    Hey Scott! welcome to the forum and thanks for your kind offer. I will definitely save your contact in case we need a hand on sound composer for my company.
  10. TheFancyClassic

    Favorite Actors??

    not Actress? Actor: Will Smith Actress: Scarlett Johansson (she's hot!), Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman
  11. TheFancyClassic

    Documentary about the way people connect with each other

    Oh! shame I didn't join this forum and found this posts earlier. The theme of the documentary sounds interesting to me. Actually we're working on a film with similar topic, also inspired by movie "six degree of separation". Oh and I'm interested in documentary too. Hope you launch your film already!
  12. TheFancyClassic

    Have you found any use for storyboards?

    Well it's true in some cases. I got the shoot where we had storyboard in advance, but then the shot was totally different from what was visualized in storyboard, cause' director and camera men had different ideas, tried new angle or wanted to shoot more shots. But I still think storyboard is...
  13. TheFancyClassic

    Great Music library for your projects

    Thanks mate for your sharing. We've been using Pond5 and pay something around 90$ per month. This could be an alternative source and I hope it has variety of music choice as well. Is it a new website or it's there for long time already?
  14. TheFancyClassic

    Best camera for an aspiring filmmaker

    Lucky you I also wanted to buy a camera for my own project with low budget. I read about good camera for amateur here: and decided to go for Panasonic GH3, waiting for it to deliver at my door :rolleyes:
  15. TheFancyClassic

    New Student here!!

    Hi everybody, It's FancyClassic here. I'm a Producer at a boutique Production House based in Boston. My passion for making film and commercials was big enough to quit my job in EY. Yay! from finance geek to film supporter, how fancy. So here I am, learning and exploring the world of film making...