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    Free Movie Script Websites

    1. Go Into the Story 2. Drew’s Script-o-Rama movie scripts: drew's meat and potatoes 3. Simply Scripts You are being redirected... 4. AwesomeFilm Awesome Movie Scripts and Screenplays 5. Screenplays For You Screenplays for You -...
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    Winter Bird Houses

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    AMC is Offering Streaming

    Saw this today even though it's been available for a couple of months now! AMC is offering streaming movies and episodic entertainment!
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    Free Networking Classifieds Section Update

    We updated the Classifieds layout in the network. Try posting your call for crew or seeking work, film festival or anything that pertains to filmmaking! Filmmaker Classifieds - Post Your Filmmaking Ads Free - Filmmakers Network and it's free!
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    Sign up for the Polybag Print! - Happy Holidays!
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    Download Student Filmmakers Magazine Digital Edition for Free - Happy Holidays!
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    If you have suggestions for the community please let us know. Thank for joining us! Happy Holidays!
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    Voice Over
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    When we migrated everyone became a new member

    I am pretty sure people who come back and visit after five years notice a big difference in the forums and see their account says they are a new member can ascertain it has something to do with the new software. It does indeed. When we migrated all the members and their posts to the new software...
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    L.A. film and TV production restarts tomorrow

    County Public Health will permit the reopening of sectors that include film and TV production in LA. The order will be issued tomorrow, with the effective date of June 12. Sectors can reopen once they implement required protocols, which will also be announced tomorrow.
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    Webinar - The Actors Fund housing for performing arts professionals

    Join us today, June 10, from 5 to 7 PM for an informative webinar on obtaining and retaining an affordable residence in New York City. Applying for Affordable Housing...
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    Webinar: Experts to discuss restarting indie film production in the UK

    The panelists are: - Adrian Wootton, CEO of the British Film Commission and Film London - Sara Putt, who runs Sara Putt Associates, the leading UK agency for film and TV heads of department - Gareth Ellis-Unwin, head of film and animation at ScreenSkills - Kate Norrish, producer at Hillbilly...
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    Top 10 free filmmakers screenwriting software for 2020

    Top 10 free filmmakers screenwriting software for 2020 1. Fade In. 2. WriterDuet. 3. Trelby. 4. Causality. 5. Highland...
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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 Started Production Today

    The highly-anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 has begun production. The original 2018 animated film was a massive hit
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    The Quebec provincial government gave the green light for film and TV production to resume on June 8 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Quebec provincial government gave the green light for film and TV production to resume on June 8 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Roland Emmerich will move ahead with production on 'Moonfall,' his $150 million sci-fi epic. Generous tax credits and public subsidies have allowed major film VFX...