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    Submit films before July 1st, and it's free...

    Hey all, VegasIndiesTv is accepting indy shorts for free until the first of June. We are short on movies and we need to get this show rolling by August so come to the site and submit your film. See You On The Air..........
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    New fresh from Vegas..

    Hey Jody thank you very much.
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    Make it and Sell it

    And actually Kim if you don't do that your behind the game so many people have sites now catering to there films it's not even funny so anything helps. Pay Pal works wonders. just pop a link and people can purchase your flick. Good Luck let us know what happens.
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    New fresh from Vegas..

    Hey everyone just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself a little. I'm currently producing a show VegasIndiesTv showcasing indy flicks, it's a half hour show that airs on the UPN affiliate, right now the show is down due to low submissions, but as soon as we get submitters then the show must go...