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    Film or Book Suggestions?

    Hey all, So I haven't seen on this forum any topics about suggestions for good films or books for people to watch/read. I think this could be a really good addition to the forum because I feel a good part of making films is to watch and read to pick up on different techniques, styles, ideas...
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    Thinking of trying an experiment...

    Hello all, So I'm working on a script right now which is probably best to be described as a mockumentary. I'm currently working on a re-write of the script because I'm not satisfied with it. What I feel is the biggest trouble right now is that there isn't enough "action" mixed in with the...
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    Asking for opinions/comparisions/differences

    First of all, let me say hello! It's been a long time since I've been on the forum as I've been busy. Now, second let me say that I will do my best to keep this as far away from a "which camera gives me everything for 50 bucks!" thread. I already have my main camera, and am getting ready to...
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    Is this idea stupid?

    So I've been thinking about artificial lighting. A lot of people on forums and DIY articles say buying 500W Halogen work lights from hardware/DIY stores are a great inexpensive way to get lighting when you need it. I was thinking of something like getting 2 500W halogens on stands, a double...
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    Microphone and lens attachments

    Hello all, I own a Sony VX2000 camera and would like to get some accessories. First, I would like to get a wide angle lens as I'm finding it rather difficult to shoot some indoor shots in small environments. However, I don't know much about lens attachments. What would a good brand/model be...
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    Avid Trial?

    Hello, I was wondering if Avid had a 30 day trial so I could see if I liked it before buying it.
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    Trial of ppro?

    Hello all, I was wondering if Adobe had a 30 day trial or something similar for Premire Pro 2 so I could try it out and see if I wanted to buy it.
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    Camera for secondary usage and transfering video

    Hello all, I currently have a Sony VX2000 camera. I love it and am having a great time shooting with it. However, I would like a way to transfer my mini-DV tapes to my computer for editing without using the VX2000. I don't want to put any extra usage on the heads if I don't have to. I...
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    Another 'What Camera?' Kind Of Thing

    I am a film student and I am looking to buy a camera. I want to have manual controls, especially for focus and color balance. I will be using this camera to do some indie film projects and maybe shoot some of my college's sports games. I have been looking at 3 cameras so far. I have listed them...